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Jimmy Murtha (Character)
from "EZ Streets" (1996)

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"EZ Streets: On the Left Side of the Angel (#1.7)" (1997)
Jimmy Murtha: I scare myself more than you scare me.

Jimmy Murtha: I get lots of guns, okay? People give them to me on the street. They give them to me for birthday presents. It's like I'm the NRA or somethin'

Det. Cameron Quinn: We found the gun, Jimmy.
Jimmy Murtha: Oh, really? What gun is that?
Det. Cameron Quinn: The gun that shot Leo; the gun that shot Tim Beatty, my partner."
Jimmy Murtha: Well, good for you. Did you find any prints on it?
Det. Cameron Quinn: No.
Jimmy Murtha: Oh. Well, that's not so good for you, is it?
Det. Cameron Quinn: You remember what I said, Jimmy, the first time we met? What I said I'd do when I found the person that killed my partner?
Jimmy Murtha: Well, you know, seein' as how I didn't do it, I didn't pay much attention.
Det. Cameron Quinn: That person is looking more and more like you, Jimmy.
Jimmy Murtha: Like me. I never even met your partner, the poor bastard.
Det. Cameron Quinn: He was a good man, a decent cop; he always had my back.
Jimmy Murtha: Which I guess is more than he could say about you.

"EZ Streets: Every Picture Tells a Story (#1.2)" (1996)
Theresa Conners: Do you know what hubris is, Jimmy?
Jimmy Murtha: Yeah, it's like an herb.

Jimmy Murtha: You got medical insurance?
Dog Face: No.
Jimmy Murtha: Oh. Guess I should've asked first.

"EZ Streets: Every Dog Has Its Day (#1.5)" (1997)
Jimmy Murtha: Who the hell is that?
Mickey Kinnear: It's Mrs. Dogface.
Jimmy Murtha: You let Mrs. Dogface audition.
Mickey Kinnear: I thought she could use the money!