Detective Cameron Quinn
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Detective Cameron Quinn (Character)
from "EZ Streets" (1996)

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"EZ Streets: One Acquainted with the Night (#1.6)" (1997)
Det. Cameron Quinn: He did three years for his friend, let's see if he'll do life.

Danny Rooney: Look at her, what did she ever do to hurt anyone but herself? What kind of man are you? You're supposed to protect the innocent.
Det. Cameron Quinn: You're thinking about letting your wife do time for a miserable piece of garbage like Jimmy Murtha, what kind of man are you?

"EZ Streets: On the Left Side of the Angel (#1.7)" (1997)
Det. Cameron Quinn: We found the gun, Jimmy.
Jimmy Murtha: Oh, really? What gun is that?
Det. Cameron Quinn: The gun that shot Leo; the gun that shot Tim Beatty, my partner."
Jimmy Murtha: Well, good for you. Did you find any prints on it?
Det. Cameron Quinn: No.
Jimmy Murtha: Oh. Well, that's not so good for you, is it?
Det. Cameron Quinn: You remember what I said, Jimmy, the first time we met? What I said I'd do when I found the person that killed my partner?
Jimmy Murtha: Well, you know, seein' as how I didn't do it, I didn't pay much attention.
Det. Cameron Quinn: That person is looking more and more like you, Jimmy.
Jimmy Murtha: Like me. I never even met your partner, the poor bastard.
Det. Cameron Quinn: He was a good man, a decent cop; he always had my back.
Jimmy Murtha: Which I guess is more than he could say about you.