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Ira Woodbine (Character)
from "Cybill" (1995)

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"Cybill: Let's Stalk (#3.26)" (1997)
Sylvia: So listen, it's just between you and one other person. He's a book reviewer. We're going to put you both on the same show to see which one of you the audience takes to.
Cybill Sheridan: So, we're gonna duke it out on the air, huh? I love competition. I'll slice him. I'll dice him. I'll puree his sorry bookworm ass.
Ira Woodbine: Cybill?
Cybill Sheridan: Ira?
Ira Woodbine: You're the down-home cooking lady?
Cybill Sheridan: You're the sorry bookworm ass?

"Cybill: A Who's Who for What's His Name (#2.16)" (1996)
Ira Woodbine: I just saw Diana Ross standing at a urinal. What the hell is that about?