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Quotes for
Mike (Character)
from "Lucky Louie" (2006)

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"Lucky Louie: Kim Moves Out (#1.12)" (2006)
[Louie is having a family barbecue in the courtyard]
Rich: Hey, everybody! You wanna hear a funny joke?
Louie: Hey, whoa, Rich, don't tell a joke! There's kids here.
Rich: Don't worry. It's completely clean. It's a kids' joke. Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?
Mike: I don't know. Why?
Rich: Because he heard the referee was blowin' fowls.
Mike: I don't get it.
Rich: "Fowl" is a double entendre, asshole. It means the ref was suckin' the chicken's dick.
Louie: Jesus! Shut up, Rich!
Rich: All right, fine! Back to boring.