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Tod Stiles (Character)
from "Route 66" (1960)

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"Route 66: Three Sides (#1.7)" (1960)
Tod Stiles: [Speaking to Buz while driving the Corvette] We just don't belong anywhere.

[last lines]
Tod Stiles: I remember something Dad used to say.
Buz Murdock: What's that?
Tod Stiles: Whenever you reach an impasse look at the the third side of the coin.
Buz Murdock: The third side?
Tod Stiles: Yea.
Buz Murdock: I thought there was only two sides to a coin.
Tod Stiles: The third side is the edge, the place the two sides come together. The meeting place of heads and tails. Dad used to say that was the best side, because it welds opposites together. And it's a circle, a continuous circle, closed and perfect, as endless as understanding itself.

"Route 66: Where Are the Sounds of Celli Brahms? (#4.4)" (1963)
Tod Stiles: Next to the wound, Miss Brahms, the thing a woman makes best is the bandage.

"Route 66: Hey, Moth, Come Eat the Flame (#3.11)" (1962)
Tod Stiles: You don't have to go to Athens to see ruins.

"Route 66: Some of the People, Some of the Time (#2.10)" (1961)
Maximillian Coyne: [pointing at Buz] Look at him, just look at him. Why that pizzazz is just oozing from every pore.
Tod Stiles: [as Tod and Buz get in the car to leave] Excuse me.
Maximillian Coyne: Where, where are you going?
Tod Stiles: [about Buz] I got to rush him to the hospital so they can close his pores because if he loses too much pizzazz, he goes right into shock.

"Route 66: The Man on the Monkey Board (#1.4)" (1960)
Tod Stiles: Don't you think we deserve to know?
Frank Bartlett: The less you know the better.

"Route 66: Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain (#3.18)" (1963)
Tod Stiles: [Tod notices a poodle outside his window and walks outside to it] Well now, whose little boy are you?
[He looks over and sees Diane]
Diane: And whose little boy are you?
Tod Stiles: Unlicensed, unregistered, unclaimed, and... waiting to be unleashed.
Diane: Tonight? Eightish?
Tod Stiles: Where?
Diane: The same place you closed Saturday night.
Tod Stiles: How do you know where I was Saturday night?
[She turns and starts to walk away]
Tod Stiles: I'm Tod, whom might you be?
[She continues to walk away. The title credit "Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain", appears on screen]

"Route 66: Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma? (#3.4)" (1962)
Buz Murdock: They make a pretty good map for cars don't they? But what do they make for guys like me who turn left instead of right?
Tod Stiles: We have to know we're lost before we can find ourselves Buz. That sort of map you make up as you go along.

"Route 66: Go Read the River (#2.23)" (1962)
[last lines]
Tod Stiles: [Tod's voice over while racing on the lake] Whoever fights the future has a mortal enemy, a faceless enemy, because the future has no being of its own. It steals its being from each man and once it's tricked him of his secrets it appears outside him. A predator he must meet. But it can be met and it can be vanquished if only he will reach out for it with open arms and a hungry heart.

"Route 66: Like This It Means Father... Like This - Bitter... Like This - Tiger... (#4.15)" (1964)
Tod Stiles: All right, you found him and you smashed him. Now forget it.
Linc Case: We never got our accounts settled, Cam Wilcox and I. I've been waiting a long time to get this squared away. I promised myself if I ever found him I'd make him admit it. Admit that he chickened out and got my men killed. I want it on the record and not just in my mind. I'll get it out of him... I don't care what it takes.

"Route 66: ...Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King (#3.20)" (1963)
[last lines]
Tod Stiles: [Tod's inner soliloquy, heard as a voice over on the sound track] What made me come along? Why was I afraid not to go? Was it because I knew this was a moment I'd learn something important? Was I afraid to face it for whatever it was? All right, so what did I learn? That people can only make themselves important at the expense of others? These killings - were they murders? Were they sacrifices, each to a private reason, each to a hidden God? Do people really think that if they go through life without hurting other people nobody will ever know they had been alive?
[Now yelling at the members of the departing posse]
Tod Stiles: I don't believe that! Nothing you do and nothing I see can make me believe that!
[Fade out]