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Steve McQuinn (Character)
from "Passport to Danger" (1954)

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"Passport to Danger: Prague (#1.27)" (1955)
Jan Spolny: Why do you come to see her again, and why here in such secrecy?
Steve McQuinn: Alright, the next time I date a girl we'll meet on the Charles Bridge at high noon and charge admission.

Jan Spolny: You are a diplomatic courier; I understand you do your job very well, but you are no match for me in this game.
Steve McQuinn: That's because we don't play by the same rules.

Steve McQuinn: Look, you've been in this business long enough to know all the angles. There must be some way.
Dolezal: Only a fool would try, and I gave up being a fool after my third wife.

[Dolezal smashes Spolny over the head with a blunt instrument]
Dolezal: If his head hurts as much as my tooth, I will be satisfied.
Steve McQuinn: I didn't know you had it in you.
Dolezal: I had no choice. If they arrested me, I would have confessed. I cannot stand pain.

"Passport to Danger: Monte Carlo" (1954)
Steve McQuinn: When retreat is cut off - attack!

Regis: Monsieur, I am not in the habit of being ignored. Answer my question: I am being generous - is that not so?
M'Sieu Vinay: Monsieur, you are a cad!
Steve McQuinn: You'll never have a better exit line, Pop.

[last lines]
Solov: I think you should have a royal spy on your payroll.
Steve McQuinn: You do? Do me a favor, will you? Work for the enemy.

"Passport to Danger: Tangiers" (1954)
Steve McQuinn: But is this world really so different... I mean, when you strip away all this plush and glitter?
Marija: Only in one way, I think. Down there, people are quicker to hate and, ah, quicker to love. Would you care to see my world, Mr. McQuinn?

Steve McQuinn: Good evening, Countess. You are as breathtaking as ever.
Countess Kovalewska: And you are a charming liar, Steven. Don't ever change.

[last lines]
Countess Kovalewska: You have been thinking of Marija all evening, Steven. You have been wondering why she saved your life.
Steve McQuinn: It doesn't make any sense. Her world down there has its own code of living.
Countess Kovalewska: Steven, I think you are a little blind. Down there or up here one thing is always the same - women.

"Passport to Danger: Rome (#1.30)" (1955)
Steve McQuinn: Well, permit me to doubt you, pal. I've met your type before. Anybody who goes around swiping government files...
Florio: No no no, not I!
Steve McQuinn: ...and hiding behind a woman's skirts...
Florio: Is there any better place?

[last lines]
Florio: I'm sorry Signor McQuinn. I had to bring back the plates myself - but it is to take me out of the shade so I can be a square again.
Fitzpatrick: You've earned your detective license, Florio. I think we can help you get it.
Steve McQuinn: You mean you made us walk all that way just for that? Well, man, I'd have given you all the credit!
Florio: But I cannot take-a no chances, Signor.
Steve McQuinn: No chance? You trusted me with your girl, didn't you?
Florio: I do not trust you, signor, but I have full trust in Lilliana.
Lilliana: Oh, ho-ho, Carlo!
Steve McQuinn: [to Fitzgerald] Oh, Carlo - an Italian Humphrey Bogart.