Lauren Douglas
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Lauren Douglas (Character)
from 88 Minutes (2007)

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88 Minutes (2007)
Dr. Jack Gramm: The legal distinction between sanity and insanity rests upon what?
[class recites "Free will"]
Dr. Jack Gramm: The concept of free will. And what is the most important thing one should remember when entering the courtroom?
Lauren Douglas: That insanity is a legal concept. It's not a medical or psychiatric term, but despite the fact that insanity's a legal concept, it doesn't mean that someone's not sick.
Dr. Jack Gramm: Yes, Lauren. Of all the serial killers that I've interviewed and studied, which include our boy Bundy here, Dahmer, Gacy - none of them were legally insane. That's not to say they were normal.
Mike Stempt: I could argue that they couldn't help themselves precisely because of their mental disorders.
Dr. Jack Gramm: Well, if you want to argue Mike, the school of law is across campus.

Lauren Douglas: Punctual, Dr. Gramm. I'm gonna give you a B+ for effort.

Lauren Douglas: God, I wish Forster could see your face! You look so totally clueless!

Lauren Douglas: You see Jacko, I'm a true believer.
Dr. Jack Gramm: Well, you better believe that there's an FBI agent with a gun pointed right at your head at this moment. Believe it.