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Biography for
Steve Fox (Character)
from Tekken 6 (2007) (VG)

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Steve Fox is a fictional young English boxer in the Tekken fighting game series. He made his first appearance in Tekken 4 and was originally given the name "Dean Earwicker" before the game's arcade release.[1] Having no memory of his past, Steve does not know the identity of his biological father or the origin of the scar on his arm.

Steve Fox was conceived in a lab; his mother is Nina Williams, making Anna Williams his aunt. After Nina failed to assassinate Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima captured her and used her as a test subject for cryogenic sleep studies. She gave birth to Steve during this time through in-vitro fertilization.

As an undefeated champion, Steve had everything he wanted; the only exception being information about his past. One day, the mafia organized a fight which he was supposed to lose. Refusing to co-operate, Steve won the fight instead. Pursued by the mafia, Steve fled to America, but he came to his realization that no matter where he went, the mafia would always track him and he would never learn about his past. He entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 to put himself back into the limelight and gain the answers he sought.

Despite failing to win the tournament, he learned that Nina Williams is his mother. Along the way, he also cooperated with Lei Wulong, who was also trying to break up the same crime syndicate

Unfortunately, Steve Fox could not win the tournament. However, with the help of Lei Wulong, Steve identified who his mother really was: Nina Williams. The next day, a limousine belonging to the syndicate pulls up and Steve steps out, not knowing that this was a trap set up to kill him. While his back is turned, the guards draw their guns. Suddenly, somebody in the distance shoots the guards, saving Steve. Steve turns to look and sees Nina jumping out of a window of an apartment. Running after her, Steve corners her in an alleyway. Before they can talk, Lei Wulong appears, points his pistol at Nina, and yells "Freeze!" Steve tackles Lei to the ground, allowing Nina to escape.

Two months after the conclusion of the fourth tournament, The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 was announced. Steve entered the tournament, this time focusing on the destruction of the Mishima Zaibatsu, vowing that "The Mishima Zaibatsu will never make another monster like me!"

In the cutscene, Steve destroys the research data. He sees a new experiment manifesting in a water tank and destroys that, as well. Lastly, he is shown setting the building on fire with a lighter and walking away. Later, he is shown walking some distance away from the lab as it explodes behind him.

Steve Fox had destroyed the research institute of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and finally settled a long-time feeling of resentment. Steve was intent on returning to the world of boxing again, but the majority of major boxing meets are canceled by the war that broke out all over the world. Steve, who knew no other trade than the boxing ring, had effectively lost his job and his passion, and went into depression. Soon after, he received an invitation to train together with Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix. Steve, who liked the idea of training in a martial art other than boxing, accepted.

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