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Alex Diaz (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: A Clean Slate (#5.3)" (1994)
Alex Diaz: [addressing the student senate] Brandon Walsh is part of a plan to process D'Shawn Hardell though a system of academic apartheid. And make no mistake about it... it's a very profitable system. But how profitable is it going to be for D'Shawn when he leaves C.U. without a real education? And why is it that that these disposable athletes are always young men of color while their tutors are always white boys who just happen to be appointed by the Chancellor to the National Task Force on Education?
Brandon Walsh: Wait a minute. I don't understand what me being on the task force has anything to do with...
Alex Diaz: You're out of order, Walsh!
D'Shawn Hardell: [enters] And you're out of line! Sorry for interrupting, everybody. But my name is D'Shawn Hardell, and what you're accusing Brandon of might have been true, if Brandon was a different kind of person. But fortunately for me, he is who he is. So, I had no choice but to crack open the books. And for that, I'll aways be grateful, because I've been able to maintain my academic eligibility without any help from anyone but myself. And for those of you who don't think I have the God-given intelligence to go to school here... I just have to say, no matter what you think your political agenda is... you're nothing but a racist.

Andrea Zuckerman: Where did you get this?
Alex Diaz: A little birdie gave it to me.
[Smirks at Andrea]

"Beverly Hills, 90210: The Real McCoy (#5.29)" (1995)
Alex Diaz: [At the last Student Government meeting] Janice and I wanted to do something to commerrate the Brandon years.
Brandon Walsh: The Brandon years?
[shocked and confused]