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Detective Bobby Crocker (Character)
from "Kojak" (1973)

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"Kojak: Dark Sunday (#1.8)" (1973)
Lt. Theo Kojak: It's coming off tonight.
Det. Bobby Crocker: What is?
Lt. Theo Kojak: Eh... Pick a card, any card.

Det. Bobby Crocker: Hey, what's with the lollypops?
Lt. Theo Kojak: I'm looking to close the generation gap. Get outa here!

Lt. Theo Kojak: For your information, sonny boy, most Americans don't have a yellow sheet.
Det. Bobby Crocker: Thank you, would you keep reminding me, Lieutenant, it's my only hook into reality.

"Kojak: The Corrupter (#1.7)" (1973)
Det. Bobby Crocker: There's a patrolman bringing in, eh, the stone cutter they fired. The guy's a lush alright, you get bombed just reading his yellow sheet!

Det. Bobby Crocker: You know Bannerman really does save string? There's a whole ball of it in his desk. Including every report since Dutch Schultz.

Lt. Theo Kojak: It seems to me they had an observation report a couple of weeks ago on the... Lumpjaws, and a few of the other fences.
Det. Bobby Crocker: It's probably in the round file. Nobody ever looks there.
Lt. Theo Kojak: Well, ask Bannerman, he saves string.

"Kojak: Cop in a Cage (#1.10)" (1974)
Det. Bobby Crocker: [shouting at Ibbotson] We'll have you back inside so fast, your underwear will have to take the next train!

"Kojak: One for the Morgue (#1.3)" (1973)
Lt. Theo Kojak: Here, get your hat and coat. We just got a break.
Det. Bobby Crocker: [off screen] An arm or a leg?
Lt. Theo Kojak: A neck: Cleveland's.

"Kojak: Eighteen Hours of Fear (#1.16)" (1974)
Lt. Theo Kojak: We could save ourselves a plethora of surprises.
Det. Bobby Crocker: What the hell is plethora?
Lt. Theo Kojak: Follow me. We'll get a library card.

"Kojak: 60 Miles to Hell (#5.21)" (1978)
Det. Bobby Crocker: Are you sure you don't come from a lot of money?
Sally: Both my parents are dead, all I have is a sister, the other half of our act.
Det. Bobby Crocker: What act?
Sally: We're the only topless twin magicians in the world.
Det. Bobby Crocker: Twin?
Sally: Yeah.
Det. Bobby Crocker: Magician?
Sally: Yeah.
Det. Bobby Crocker: Topless?
Sally: [laughing] Yeah.

"Kojak: Requiem for a Cop (#1.6)" (1973)
Lt. Theo Kojak: I want the tax returns and bank statements on Donnelly for the past two years.
Det. Bobby Crocker: Lieutenant, it's Sunday.
Lt. Theo Kojak: Well you make believe it's Friday! And have somebody at the bank agree with you.
Det. Bobby Crocker: Right on.

"Kojak: Birthday Party (#4.1)" (1976)
Lt. Theo Kojak: CROCKER! Make a note. I want this joint busted often, and I want it busted HARD!
[storms out of the nightclub]
Nightclub Manager: Why is he so mad?
Det. Bobby Crocker: Because you didn't tell him what he wanted to hear.

"Kojak: Siege of Terror (#1.1)" (1973)
Detective: George Mastin. He used to make obscene phone calls.
Mastin: That was a long time ago!
Detective: Then his phone bill got too big, so he started putting his money into property.
Det. Bobby Crocker: That right, Georgie?
Mastin: I own a few buildings...