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Det. Stavros (Character)
from "Kojak" (1973)

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"Kojak: Slay Ride (#2.6)" (1974)
Lt. Theo Kojak: [while talking about the first death] Yea, the usual not-so-hot-time-in-the-old-town-tonight. What time did he go off?
Det. Stavros: According to the medical examiner the time of of the subject's death was between one and two A.M. in the morning. Constant use of alcohol is indicated by hyperemia and irritative elements in the digestive tract mucosa.
Lt. Theo Kojak: You're kidding.
Det. Stavros: Blood sugar concentration at the time of decease was 35 per cent.
Lt. Theo Kojak: 35 per cent? Where's the decimal point?
Det. Stavros: Right here in front of the "3".
Lt. Theo Kojak: In front of the three?
[to Crocker]
Lt. Theo Kojak: Would you tell him what the difference between 35 per cent is and point thirty five, oh, forget about it.

"Kojak: Dark Sunday (#1.8)" (1973)
Valano: I got a cousin on the force in Denver. He says stakeout's his favorite duty.
Stavros: I think retirement's mine.

"Kojak: Eighteen Hours of Fear (#1.16)" (1974)
Det. Stavros: You want him picked up?
Lt. Theo Kojak: Well, I'd prefer him six foot under, but I'd settle for a pickup.

"Kojak: Mojo (#1.20)" (1974)
Lt. Theo Kojak: I see you got a new plant.
Det. Stavros: Yeah. Shirley's lonely.
Lt. Theo Kojak: Oh really? Eh, tell me, how could you tell?
Det. Stavros: Well, her leaves are drooping down. And, eh, she's not her same gay, vibrant, effervescent, ebullent self.
Lt. Theo Kojak: Ebullent self, huh? Well, she might have, eh, heartburn. Did you ever think of that?
Det. Stavros: That's why I got Sam.

"Kojak: Requiem for a Cop (#1.6)" (1973)
Det. Stavros: Wait a minute, Lieutenant, what is this? I'm not Donnelly's partner, Alessi is.
Lt. Theo Kojak: The hell you're not! When one man in this precinct comes under suspicion, the entire unit becomes Donnelly's partner. Now look, we got two days to polish his badge and ours. Because on Wednesday, the Internal Affairs shooflies, they're gonna be all over us like a groom on a honeymoon. And let me tell you something: we all better be virgins, or have a pretty good story.

"Kojak: Deliver Us Some Evil (#1.15)" (1974)
Lt. Theo Kojak: What are you doing?
Det. Stavros: T.L.C., eh, Tender Loving Care for my new plant.
Lt. Theo Kojak: Oh. Well, could you put a little TLC into a list of every burglary in eh, in the last two years?