Sheriff George Patterson
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Sheriff George Patterson (Character)
from "Dark Shadows" (1966)

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"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.96" (1966)
Sheriff George Patterson: You know, I suppose that it's all over town that Burke Devlin is trying to buy the Logansport cannery and that he's trying to get some of your key men away from you.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Bad news travels faster than good.
Sheriff George Patterson: Well, there are a lot of people around town who would like to help you if they could. It'd be a sad day for Collinsport if anything happened to Collins Enterprises. It's the backbone of the town.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: I know. That's why my father was disappointed when I came along.
Sheriff George Patterson: How do you mean?
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: He wanted a boy, of course.
Sheriff George Patterson: Oh, you've done right well, Mrs. Stoddard. He'd be proud of you.

"Dark Shadows: Episode #1.105" (1966)
Burke Devlin: I found someone who has concrete evidence to offer. Vicki Winters.
Sheriff George Patterson: What? The young governess up at Collinwood? What does she know about it?
Burke Devlin: Well, I want you to ask her that tonight.
Sheriff George Patterson: It's a little late to be paying a call up there, isn't it? Are you sure she knows anything?
Burke Devlin: She knows enough so that a half an hour ago, someone tried to kill her.