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Cleric (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Blink of an Eye (#6.12)" (2000)
Cleric: Protector, what exactly are you doing?
Protector: I'm sending him a letter.
Cleric: "Him"? S-s-sending who a letter?
Protector: The Ground Shaker. The Light Bringer.
Cleric: Had you been more attentive to my lessons when you were a boy, you would not be so gullible as a man.
Protector: On the contrary, you taught me well. Our ignorant ancestors believed every star was a deity. You taught me how foolish that was. "Superstition" you called it.
Cleric: And that's exactly what it is.
[the Protector turns to a bush and plucks a fire fruit from it]
Protector: Hungry?
Cleric: [nervously] Uh, it's, er, bad fortune to eat the fire fruit.
Protector: According to whom? Our ancestors? Don't tell me you believe that old superstition.
[he throws the fruit away]
Protector: Perhaps we shouldn't completely ignore the old beliefs, no matter how strange they may seem today.

Protector: Now, I don't believe for a moment that the stars are gods, but then... what are they?
Cleric: A great mystery, to which there is no answer.