King Edward VIII
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King Edward VIII (Character)
from "Edward & Mrs. Simpson" (1978)

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The King's Speech (2010)
King George VI: David, I've been trying to see you.
King Edward VIII: I've been terribly busy.
King George VI: Doing what?
King Edward VIII: Kinging.

King Edward VIII: Haven't I any rights?
King George VI: Many privileges.
King Edward VIII: Not the same thing.

King George VI: [speaking of Wallis Simpson] And you put that woman in our mother's suite!
King Edward VIII: Mama's not still in the bed, is she?
King George VI: That's not funny.

W.E. (2011)
Edward: How do you find living in England Mrs Simpson?
Wallis Simpson: I'm always cold.
Edward: Maybe you need someone to keep you warm?
Wallis Simpson: Isn't that what husbands are for?

Wallis Simpson: Are you trying to seduce me?
Edward: Is it working?

"Cambridge Spies: Episode #1.2" (2003)
Guy Burgess: I hear Hitler has views on the Jewish temperament. Views that can't be ignored.
Sir Michael Boal: That is true, and his views must be respected.
Guy Burgess: Tolerated or respected?
Sir Michael Boal: Respected.
Guy Burgess: The Jew is dangerous, corrupt and impure.
Sir Michael Boal: *That* is an opinion I respect. It's an opinion, I think, we can all respect.
Prince of Wales: Good breeding is... vital... to the health of any nation.

Prince of Wales: Burgess. Friend of Blunt's aren't you?
Guy Burgess: Yes,
Prince of Wales: We're related. Him. Us.
Guy Burgess: So I believe, Sir.
Prince of Wales: Pictures man.
Guy Burgess: Pardon?
Prince of Wales: Pictures. Blunt. Art. We could do with a bit of help on the art front at Windsor. Send regards, will you? And tell him to see us.
Prince of Wales: [leaves the room]
Guy Burgess: [to Philby] Me. You. Us. Go. Let's.

The Woman He Loved (1988) (TV)
Wallis Simpson: I hope it doesn't rain and spoil everything.
Prince of Wales: I thought you like the rain.
Wallis Simpson: I was lying.

Wallis & Edward (2005) (TV)
Edward: I work damned hard when I'm on duty, and when I'm off duty...
King George V: You are *never* off duty!

Chariots of Fire (1981)
HRH Edward, Prince of Wales: There are times when we are asked to make sacrifices in the name of that loyalty. And without them our allegiance is worthless. As I see it, for you, this is such a time.
Eric Liddell: Sir, God knows I love my country. But I can't make that sacrifice.

"The Crown: Smoke and Mirrors (#1.5)" (2016)
Duke of Windsor: My Lord, Archbishop, what a scold you are. ¬And when your man is down, how very bold you are. ¬Of Christian charity, how very scant you are, ¬You Auld Lang Swine, how full of cant you are.
Archbishop of Canterbury: [protests]
Duke of Windsor: A rhyme composed for your perfidious predecessor at the time of my abdication. I find the sentiment oddly applicable to you, too.