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Ian Chesterton (Character)
from Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)

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"Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child (#1.1)" (1963)
[On Susan's intelligence]
Barbara Wright: I'm lending her a book on the French Revolution.
Ian Chesterton: What's she going to do? Re-write it?

Barbara Wright: [finding the TARDIS] Ian, look at this.
Ian Chesterton: Well, it's a Police Box. What on earth's it doing here? These things are usually on the street.
[feels the TARDIS]
Ian Chesterton: Feel it. Feel it. Do you feel it?
Barbara Wright: It's a faint vibration.
Ian Chesterton: It's alive!
[walks around its circumference]
Ian Chesterton: It's not connected to anything, unless it's through the floor.

Ian Chesterton: And, frankly, I don't understand your attitude.
The Doctor: Yours leaves a lot to be desired.

Ian Chesterton: But it was a Police Telephone Box. I walked right round it. Barbara, you saw me.

The Doctor: [to Ian] You still think it's all an illusion?
Ian Chesterton: I know that free movement in time and space is a scientific dream I don't expect to find solved in a junkyard.
The Doctor: Your arrogance is nearly as great as your ignorance.

The Doctor: You don't understand, so you find excuses. Illusions, indeed? You say you can't fit an enormous building into one of your smaller sitting rooms?
Ian Chesterton: No.
The Doctor: But you've discovered television, haven't you?
Ian Chesterton: Yes.
The Doctor: Then by showing an enormous building on your television screen, you can do what seemed impossible, couldn't you?
Ian Chesterton: Well, yes, but I still don't know...
The Doctor: Not quite clear, is it? I can see by your face that youre not certain. You don't understand. And I knew you wouldn't! Never mind.

Ian Chesterton: Let me get this straight. A thing that looks like a police box, standing in a junkyard, it can move anywhere in time and space?
Susan Foreman: Yes.
The Doctor: Quite so.
Ian Chesterton: But that's ridiculous!

Ian Chesterton: But that's ridiculous.
Susan Foreman: Why won't they believe us?
Barbara Wright: How can we?
The Doctor: Now, now, don't get exasperated, Susan. Remember the Red Indian. When he saw the first steam train, his savage mind thought it an illusion, too.
Ian Chesterton: You're treating us like children.
The Doctor: Am I? The children of my civilisation would be insulted.

Ian Chesterton: Who is he? Doctor who?

"Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction (#1.12)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Are you all right?
Dr. Who: Oh, yes, these numbers keep blurring before my eyes. That's all.

Ian Chesterton: Doctor... some very strange things are happening. I feel we're in a very dangerous position. This is no time for personal quarrels.
Dr. Who: Meaning?
Ian Chesterton: I think you should go and apologize to Barbara at once.
Dr. Who: I'm afraid we have no time for codes and manners. And I certainly don't underestimate the dangers, if they exist. But I must have time to think. I must think. Rash action is worse than no action at all, hmm?
Ian Chesterton: I don't see anything rash in apologizing to Barbara.
Ian Chesterton: Frankly, Doctor, I find it hard to keep pace with you.
Dr. Who: You mean, to keep one jump ahead. That you will never be. You need my knowledge and ability to apply it, and then you need my experience to gain the fullest results.
Ian Chesterton: Results? For good or for evil?
Dr. Who: One man's law is another man's crime. Sleep on it, Chesterton. Sleep on it.

Ian Chesterton: Have you any idea where we are, Doctor.
Dr. Who: Where is not as important as why, young man.

Ian Chesterton: Well, what's all that about?
Dr. Who: Oh, don't you know? I thought you might be able to explain it.
Ian Chesterton: Why me?
Dr. Who: Trying to confuse me, eh?
Ian Chesterton: What are you getting at?
Barbara Wright: Look, why don't we just try and open the doors and see for ourselves what's outside?
Dr. Who: What is inside, madam, is most important at the moment.
Barbara Wright: Inside?
Ian Chesterton: But you've just been telling us that the only people inside are ourselves.
Dr. Who: Precisely. I know now who's responsible. You are! You've sabotaged my ship!
Barbara Wright: We didn't even touch your ship.
Ian Chesterton: What are you talking about?
Dr. Who: You're the cause of this disaster, and you both knocked, you knocked both Susan and I unconscious.
Barbara Wright: Oh, don't be ridiculous! We were all knocked out.
Dr. Who: A charade. You attacked us!
Ian Chesterton: Absolute nonsense.
Dr. Who: And when we were lying helpless on the floor, you tampered with my-my controls.
Ian Chesterton: But you checked everything yourself, and you couldn't find anything wrong with it!
Dr. Who: No, Sir. We checked everything, you and I.
Barbara Wright: But why would we? For what reason?
Dr. Who: Blackmail, that's why. You tried to force me to return you to England.
Barbara Wright: Oh, don't be so stupid.
Dr. Who: I know it, I'm sure of it.

Ian Chesterton: What are you doing?
Susan Foreman: [threatening to stab Ian with a pair of scissors] No! Who are you?
Ian Chesterton: Susan! You don't need that.
Susan Foreman: [groaning in pain] No!
[starts stabbing her mattress with the scissors]

Dr. Who: Close the door, Susan!
Ian Chesterton: I'll do it.
[loud roaring as the door closes on its own]
Ian Chesterton: Well, I didn't touch it!

Barbara Wright: How dare you! Do you realise, you stupid old man, that you'd have died in the Cave of Skulls if Ian hadn't made fire for you.
Dr. Who: Oh, I...
Barbara Wright: And what about what we went through against the Daleks? Not just for us, but for you and Susan, too, and all because you tricked us into going down to the city.
Dr. Who: But I...
Barbara Wright: Accuse us? You ought to go down on your hands and knees and thank us. But gratitude's the last thing you'll ever have, or any sort of common sense either.
[Barbara and Susan see the face of the clock melting, and both scream. Barbara sees her watch melting, and sobs are she throws it off]
Ian Chesterton: You can't blame us for this, Doctor.

Barbara Wright: I was thinking...
Ian Chesterton: Yes?
Dr. Who: Well, yes, yes? Anything may help.
Barbara Wright: Do you think something could have got into the ship...
Dr. Who: No, no, no.
Barbara Wright: ...when the doors were open?
Dr. Who: No, it's ridiculous.
Ian Chesterton: What do you mean? An animal or a man or something?
Barbara Wright: Yes.
Dr. Who: It's not very logical, is it? Hmm?
Barbara Wright: Or another intelligence.
Dr. Who: Well, as I said, it's not very logical.
Barbara Wright: No, it isn't. But does it have to be? I mean, things aren't always very logical, are they? It's just that one's been through so much, I've...
Dr. Who: I've been very patient with you, Miss Wright, and really, there's no more time for these absurd theories.

"Doctor Who: The Web Planet (#2.16)" (1965)
The Doctor: I wouldn't have thought it possible, but somehow we've materialised, for a split second of time, and been imprisoned in some kind of force. I simply can't break its hold. Somewhere, somehow, we're being slowly dragged down.
Ian Chesterton: Dragged down? To what?

Ian Chesterton: What's happening, Doctor? What's happening?
The Doctor: We seem to be caught. Trapped somehow. This is some strange phenomena. There's no power in the ship. It's useless.

Ian Chesterton: Well, come on then, Doctor.
Ian Chesterton: Ah! How do we open the doors? We have no power.
The Doctor: Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear. Hmm... It's one thing after another.
Ian Chesterton: Hmm?
The Doctor: Yes, well, I uh... I uh... I didn't want to uh...
[hands him an small metal object]
The Doctor: This is not merely a decorative object. Come along. Come along.

The Doctor: [looking at the pyramid] Hmm! It's a pity we didn't bring a ladder with us. We might be able to see what's on the top.
Ian Chesterton: Well, it isn't Nelson.
The Doctor: No. No pity.

Ian Chesterton: You've ruined it. It was my Coal Hill School tie. You've just...
The Doctor: Saved your life. You were about to have a wash in there, weren't you? Or probably drink some of it? We very nearly had the remnants of a Coal Hill School teacher in there, instead of his wretched old, ragged old tie.

Ian Chesterton: Doctor! There! There's something in there. I saw light. It broke the surface.
The Doctor: Light? Is it a reflection from a planet?
Ian Chesterton: No, no, it was in there. I saw something in there, I tell you.
The Doctor: Now, my young man, if this is your idea of revenge for that tie, then I say, I think it's a pretty poor effort.
Ian Chesterton: Doctor, this is not revenge.
The Doctor: Listen, we came here to find the source of interference. Now, I suggest we keep our minds on this subject. You're rambling on. come along!

Ian Chesterton: [to the Doctor] You mean the noise are messages?

Ian Chesterton: Doctor, can't there just be something wrong with the TARDIS?
The Doctor: Wrong? My boy, we've been dragged off our course. The question is, is it some natural phenomena, or is it intelligent, deliberate, or for a purpose? Hmm?

"Doctor Who: A Land of Fear (#1.37)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Are you so certain you know where we are?
Dr. Who: Certain? Of course I'm certain! If you doubt me, take a look for yourself.
[activates the exterior scanner]

Dr. Who: Well, if you're going, be off with you!
Ian Chesterton: Look Doctor, I think it'd be better if you came with us, at least to explore.
Dr. Who: It's out of the question. I refuse to leave the ship!
Ian Chesterton: Maybe you have succeeded. Maybe we are where you say we are. But, I remember an occasion, when you took us home once before.
Barbara Wright: [laughing] Yes, and we met Marco Polo!
Dr. Who: Entirely different circumstances! I'm rather tired of your insinuations that I am not master of this craft. Oh, I admit, it did develop a fault, - a minor fault on one occasion, perhaps twice. But, nothing I couldn't control.
Ian Chesterton: I know that. Of course you're in control. You're always in control. And I'm sure you could revisit us at any time.
Dr. Who: Very simple. Quite simple!
Ian Chesterton: Exactly, quite simple. But you have your important researches to complete. You may not find the time. There's a chance that we won't meet again. Don't you think it would be better if we parted under more friendly circumstances, say, over a drink?

Barbara Wright: You know, I'm certain that we're some time in the past.
Ian Chesterton: Yes. Well, we were a hundred miles out, perhaps we're a hundred years out as well.
Dr. Who: Oh, rubbish! Rubbish!
Barbara Wright: Well, it's possible.

Barbara Wright: Well, we're still not home.
Ian Chesterton: No, we're not are we? Still I do think he tried this time, even if it was out of bad temper.
Barbara Wright: So we stay with the ship?
Ian Chesterton: Yes. It cheered Susan up, hasn't it?
Barbara Wright: Well, are you disappointed?
Ian Chesterton: Hmm... Funnily enough, no. I don't know. Depends where we are. I still could be.

Ian Chesterton: Now, wait a minute. The Doctor's put us down, right in the middle of the French Revolution.
Barbara Wright: Yes, the Reign Of Terror.

Susan Foreman: We might not get back to the ship if Grandfather hears we're in the Reign Of Terror.
Ian Chesterton: Why not?
Susan Foreman: It's his favorite period in the history of Earth.
[Ian sighs]

"Doctor Who: The Brink of Disaster (#1.13)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: [to the Doctor and Barbara] What are you two saying to each other?
Dr. Who: You're getting off the ship, Chesterton.
Ian Chesterton: Now?
Dr. Who: Yes, now. Get up!

Dr. Who: We're on the brink of destruction, so all four of us must work closely together. We must find out where we are and what is happening to my ship.
Ian Chesterton: Just a moment, why did you say that? "The brink of destruction"?
Dr. Who: There's a strong force at work somewhere, which is threatening my ship. It's so strong that every piece of equipment can be out of action at the same time.
Ian Chesterton: What? Total disintegration?
Dr. Who: Precisely. We haven't crash-landed, otherwise I would have discovered that immediately. And I don't believe there is an evil intelligence in the ship. Just at the same token, I don't really believe that you, either of you, have been the cause of this trouble.
Ian Chesterton: Well, what is then?
Dr. Who: I don't know, but we must find out.
Ian Chesterton: Yes, but how long have we got?

Susan Foreman: The column!
Dr. Who: But... It's impossible!
Ian Chesterton: Doctor... I thought it only moved when the power was on.
Dr. Who: Yes. The heart of the machine is under the column.
Ian Chesterton: Well, what made it move?
Dr. Who: The source of power. You see, when the column rises, it proves the extent of the power thrust.
Barbara Wright: Then, what would have happened if the column had come out completely?
Susan Foreman: [Quavering] Well, the power would be... free to escape.
Dr. Who: Can it be possible then... that this is the end.
Ian Chesterton: The end? What are you talking about?
Dr. Who: We have ten minutes to survive.
Barbara Wright: Ten minutes? As little as that?
Dr. Who: Maybe less.

Dr. Who: I don't know even where to begin, Chesterton. If only I had a clue.
Barbara Wright: I think... I think, perhaps, we've been given nothing else but clues.
Ian Chesterton: Have we? Like the food machine, you mean.
Barbara Wright: Yes.
Ian Chesterton: It registered empty, but it wasn't.
Barbara Wright: But the clock is the most important. It made us aware of time.
Ian Chesterton: By taking time away from us?
Barbara Wright: Yes. And it replaced time by the light on the fault locator.
Ian Chesterton: Yes, it did!
Dr. Who: "It"? "It"? What do you mean? My machine can't think.
Barbara Wright: You say it has a built-in defense mechanism?
Dr. Who: Yes, it has.
Barbara Wright: Well, that's where we've been wrong. Originally, the machine wasn't at fault, we were. And it's been trying to tell us so ever since.
Ian Chesterton: A machine that can think for itself?
Barbara Wright: Yes.
Ian Chesterton: Is that feasible, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Oh, think not as you do or I do, but it must be able to think as a machine. You see, it has a bank of computers.
Barbara Wright: You say the power is under this column?
Dr. Who: Yes.
Barbara Wright: And the column holds it down?
Dr. Who: Yes.
Barbara Wright: Well, then, what would make it want to escape?
Dr. Who: I've been racking my brains. I don't know.

Ian Chesterton: But, Doctor, where are we? When we left the planet Skaro, where did you ask the machine to take us to? Think, Doctor!
Dr. Who: I, er, had hoped to reach your planet, Earth. Skaro was in the future, and I used the fast return switch.
Ian Chesterton: The fast return switch? You've sent us back too far.
Dr. Who: Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: Doctor, show me. Show me that switch. Where is it?
Dr. Who: Well, I can't very well see it without a light, can I?

Dr. Who: [finding the Fast Return Switch] Yes, I see. Here it is. Here, you see? Now, look. There's the switch. You see?
Ian Chesterton: Yes, well, how does it work?
Dr. Who: Well, you merely press it down, and... It's stuck. It hasn't released itself. What?
Ian Chesterton: You mean, it's been on all this time?
Dr. Who: Yes, it must have been.
Ian Chesterton: Well, come on, Doctor. Let's get it unstuck.
Dr. Who: Hold that. Yes, just a minute now.
[releases the switch]
Dr. Who: Yes. There you are. You see?
Ian Chesterton: What's wrong?
Dr. Who: The spring's not connecting. It's come off the base.
Ian Chesterton: Hurry, Doctor, hurry!
Dr. Who: There we are. Take it out. Now... luckily we can turn it over, and now it should work. There. Ah, that's right!
[the low humming noise of the TARDIS begins, and increases in pitch]
Susan Foreman: [relieved] We're safe now.

"Doctor Who: Escape to Danger (#2.18)" (1965)
Ian Chesterton: What do you think they are, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: Those things out there.
Dr. Who: Well, to use a term of Earth's, I suppose we should call them insects.
Ian Chesterton: Ants?
Dr. Who: Hmm.
Ian Chesterton: I've seen a colony of ants eat their way right through a house. That size, they could eat their way through a mountain. Why are they that big?
Dr. Who: Size is only relative. In this rarefied atmosphere, it appears that evolution has chosen that particular form of life on this planet.

Dr. Who: I want you to try and track down Barbara. Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: Well, all right. Did you find out where she was?
Dr. Who: Well, it has something to do with this Crater of Needles.
Ian Chesterton: Crater of Needles? Where's that?
Dr. Who: The only clue I can give you, dear boy, it's behind a great web.

Vicki: Where are you going?
Ian Chesterton: I'm going to find Barbara. Now, you look after the Doctor. I'll be back.

Menoptra Vrestin: That is the way to the Crater of Needles.
Ian Chesterton: How far?
Menoptra Vrestin: You cannot fly. It will take two hours.

Menoptra Vrestin: Get back! The ground is giving way.
Ian Chesterton: Here, take hold of my hand.
Menoptra Vrestin: Let go! You will be pulled down with me.

"Doctor Who: The Space Museum (#2.26)" (1965)
Ian Chesterton: But Doctor, we've got our clothes on.
Dr. Who: Well, I should hope so, young boy. I should hope so.

Dr. Who: Well, look, look. You see where we've landed? On a museum.
Ian Chesterton: A museum?
Barbara Wright: A space museum. Yes.

Ian Chesterton: Doctor?
Dr. Who: What is it now, dear boy? Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: We're walking on dust. Several inches think I'd say.
Dr. Who: Yes, yes. So it appears. Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: Then why aren't we leaving any footprints?
Dr. Who: Yes, that's curious isn't it? Yes. Very curious.

Dr. Who: Well, mow, I think you two must admit that my assumption as to where we are, has been proved correct.
Ian Chesterton: Yes. We might almost be in a museum at home.
Vicki: Except there are no little men following you about, telling you not to touch things.
Dr. Who: Well, you just pretend they are young lady, and keep your hands to yourself.
Barbara Wright: Well, everything seems quite normal.
Dr. Who: Well, why not? Why shouldn't it be? It's quite natural. After all, you have objects of historial interest on Earth, so why not a museum in space? I always thought I'd find one someday.

[seeing a Dalek on display in the museum]
Vicki: So, that's what a Dalek looks like.
Dr. Who: [stammers] Don't touch, child.
Barbara Wright: What do you know about them, Vicki?
Vicki: Only what I've read in history books. That they invaded Earth about... 300 years ago, was it?
Ian Chesterton: We were there, Vicki. That was one of the periods we visited.
Dr. Who: I don't mind admitting, my boy, that that thing gave me a start. Coming face to face to it again.
[the Doctor and Ian chuckle]
Vicki: It's not a bit the way I imagined it. Oh, I mean, the books describe them all right, but... Well, this one looks quite friendly.
Barbara Wright: Friendly?
Ian Chesterton: You wouldn't say that, young lady, if ever we meet them again. Which, to say the least, is very unlikely. I hope.

"Doctor Who: The Cave of Skulls (#1.2)" (1963)
Susan Foreman: We've left 1963.
The Doctor: Oh, yes, undoubtedly. I'll be able to tell you where presently. Zero? That's not right. I'm afraid this yearometer is not calculating properly. Hm! Well, anyway, the journey's finished.
[looking at Ian on the ground]
The Doctor: What are you doing down there?
Barbara Wright: What have you done?
Ian Chesterton: Barbara, you don't believe all this nonsense.
Susan Foreman: Well, look at the scanner screen.
The Doctor: Yes, look up there. They don't understand and I suspect they don't want to. Well, there you are. A new world for you.
Ian Chesterton: Sand and rock?
The Doctor: Yes. That's the immediate view outside the ship.
Barbara Wright: But where are we?
Ian Chesterton: You mean that's what we'll see when we go outside?
Susan Foreman: Yes, you'll see it for yourself.
Ian Chesterton: I don't believe it.
The Doctor: You really are a stubborn young man, aren't you?
Ian Chesterton: All right, show me some proof. Give me some concrete evidence. I'm sorry, Susan. I don't want to hurt you, but it's time you were brought back to reality.
Susan Foreman: But you're wrong, Mr. Chesterton.
The Doctor: They are saying I'm a charlatan. What concrete evidence would satisfy you? Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: Just open the doors, Doctor Foreman.
The Doctor: Eh? Doctor who? What are you talking about?

Ian Chesterton: Just a minute. You say we've gone back in time?
The Doctor: Yes, quite so.
Ian Chesterton: So that when we go out of that door, we won't be in a junkyard in London in England in the year 1963?
The Doctor: That is quite correct. But your tone suggests ridicule.
Ian Chesterton: But it is ridiculous. Time doesn't go round and round in circles. You can't get on and off whenever you like in the past or the future.
The Doctor: Really? Where does time go, then?
Ian Chesterton: It doesn't go anywhere. It just happens and then it's finished.

Barbara Wright: You're very quiet.
Ian Chesterton: I was wrong, wasn't I?
Barbara Wright: Oh, look, I don't understand it anymore than you do. The inside of the ship, suddenly finding ourselves here. Even some of the things Doctor Foreman says...
Ian Chesterton: That's not his name. Who is he? Doctor who? Perhaps if we knew his name, we might have a clue to all this.

Ian Chesterton: Strange.
Barbara Wright: What?
Ian Chesterton: This sand. It's cold. It's nearly freezing.
Za: It's good to have someone to laugh at!

The Doctor: I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm desperately sorry.
Susan Foreman: Don't blame yourself grandfather.
The Doctor: Look at that. Look at it.
Ian Chesterton: They're all the same... They've been split wide open.

"Doctor Who: The Survivors (#1.6)" (1963)
Dr. Who: We need... We need drugs to be treated.
Ian Chesterton: But where are we going to find them?
Susan Foreman: The TARDIS will have to take us to another time and place, where we can be cured.
Ian Chesterton: But don't you remember? We can't move the ship until we find the mercury for the fluid link!
Dr. Who: For the fluid link, yes. Yes, I'm afraid I cheated a little on that. I was determined to see the city, but everybody wanted to go on, and well, to avoid arguments, in short, there's nothing wrong with the fluid link.
Susan Foreman: What? Grandfather, do you mean to say that you risked leaving the ship just to see this place?
Ian Chesterton: You fool! You old fool!
Dr. Who: Abuse me as much as you like, Chesterton. The point is... we need an immediate return to the ship, and I suggest we leave at once.
Ian Chesterton: We're not leaving until we've found Barbara.
Dr. Who: Very well. You may stay and search for her if you wish, but Susan and I are going back to the ship. Now, come along, child.
Ian Chesterton: All right, carry on, fine. How far do you think you'll get without this.
[holds up the fluid link]
Dr. Who: Give that to me!
Ian Chesterton: Not until we've found Barbara.
Dr. Who: Give it to me I say!
Ian Chesterton: No. It's time you faced up to your responsibilities. You got us here. Now I'm going to make sure you get us back.
Dr. Who: Chesterton, this is...
Ian Chesterton: Were wasting time. We should be looking for Barbara.
Susan Foreman: He's right, Grandfather. We are wasting time.
Dr. Who: Child, if only you'd think as an adult sometimes... Oh, very well, very well. Let's go, then. Let's go.

Dalek: You will move ahead of us, and follow my directions. This way. Immediately! I said immediately!
[Ian begins to run away]
Dalek: Fire!
[they fire at him]
Ian Chesterton: My legs! My legs!
[Susan runs towards Ian]
Dalek: Stop!
[to Ian]
Dalek: Your legs are paralyzed. You will recover shortly, unless you force us to use our weapons again. In that case, the condition will be permanent.
[to the Doctor and Susan]
Dalek: You too, help him.
Ian Chesterton: My legs, my legs. I can't use my legs!

Barbara Wright: Ian, do you think they really are just machines?
Ian Chesterton: What do you mean?
Barbara Wright: Well, I was going to say... Do you think there's someone inside them?
[Susan laughs]
Ian Chesterton: That's a point! We haven't any idea what's inside them.

Ian Chesterton: [to Susan] Don't stop for anything. Straight there, straight back. An hour might make all the difference.

"Doctor Who: The Forest of Fear (#1.3)" (1963)
Dr. Who: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm desperately sorry.
Susan Foreman: Oh, don't blame yourself grandfather.
Dr. Who: Look at those. Look at them.
Ian Chesterton: Yes, they're all the same... They've been split wide open.

Dr. Who: You seem to have elected yourself leader of this little party.
Ian Chesterton: There isn't time to vote on it.
Dr. Who: Just as long as you understand that I won't follow your orders blindly.
Ian Chesterton: If there were only two of us, you could find your own way back to the ship.
Dr. Who: Aren't you a tiresome young man?
Ian Chesterton: And you're a stubborn old man. But you will lead. The girls in between and I'll bring up the rear. Because that's the safest way.

Ian Chesterton: You're a Doctor. Do something!
Dr. Who: I'm not a Doctor of medicine.

Ian Chesterton: Back! Back! Go back!

"Doctor Who: Planet of Giants (#2.1)" (1964)
Dr. Who: We're approaching a planet.
Ian Chesterton: Which one?
Dr. Who: We shall soon see.

Barbara Wright: [about the Doctor] Oh, I do wish he wouldn't talk in riddles!
Ian Chesterton: So do I.

Ian Chesterton: [after finding the giant ant] I wonder what sort of a world could produce an insect that size.

Ian Chesterton: All right. What's your theory, then?
Susan Foreman: These things haven't been made bigger. We've been made smaller.

"Doctor Who: A Bargain of Necessity (#1.41)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Léon?
Léon Colbert: Yes. You must be Ian.
Ian Chesterton: That's right.
Léon Colbert: Are you alone?
Ian Chesterton: Yes. Jules said you might be able to help.
[turns to find two soldiers behind him, both aiming muskets at his chest]
Ian Chesterton: Soldiers!
Léon Colbert: Yes, I know. You walked right into my trap, didn't you, Ian?

Léon Colbert: Now be sensible. Save yourself from the guillotine.
Ian Chesterton: You wouldn't believe my story anyway.
Léon Colbert: Suppose you let me be the judge of that. How did you get to France?
Ian Chesterton: You really want to know, eh?
Léon Colbert: The truth?
Ian Chesterton: Oh yes, it's the truth all right.
Léon Colbert: You swear it?
Ian Chesterton: Yes, I swear it! I flew here with three friends in a small box. When I left England it was 1963.

Ian Chesterton: Barbara! We thought you'd been arrested!
Barbara Wright: Yes, we were. But when we got to the prison, the Doctor was there.
Ian Chesterton: What!
Barbara Wright: Yes, he's dressed up as if he was running the revolution! From what I could gather, half the people there take orders from him!
Ian Chesterton: That sounds like the Doctor, alright.
Jules Renan: The Doctor? You mean Susan's grandfather?
Barbara Wright: Yes, that's right.
Ian Chesterton: And where's Susan?
Barbara Wright: Oh, she'll be along later with him. I just walked out.
Ian Chesterton: Walked out? But...
Ian Chesterton: I don't know how he gets away with it half the time. What did he say?
Barbara Wright: Well not very much - we didn't have a chance. But he'll be here soon, so no doubt we'll get the whole story, several times.
[Barbara and Ian laugh]

Ian Chesterton: Here they are.
[The Doctor enters, still in his official uniform. Behind him is the tall figure of Lemaitre.]
Barbara Wright: [surprised by Lemaitre's entrance] Lemaitre!
Jules Renan: Your friend has betrayed us!

"Doctor Who: The Tyrant of France (#1.40)" (1964)
Barbara Wright: Ian... this is Jules. Uh, he saved our lives.
Ian Chesterton: Not Jules Renan, by any chance?
Jules Renan: Yes?
Ian Chesterton: What! I've been looking for you!
Jules Renan: We heard that somebody was - we did not know it was you.

Jules Renan: Ian, it will all be over by today. You'll be able to leave, together. It'll be quicker this way!
Ian Chesterton: [sighs] Well I don't like it this way. But...
Jules Renan: Good. I'll go and fetch Barbara and Susan.
Ian Chesterton: And let's hope we can trust the physician!

Ian Chesterton: Léon?
Léon Colbert: Yes. You must be Ian.
Ian Chesterton: That's right.
Léon Colbert: Are you alone?
Ian Chesterton: Yes. Jules said you might be able to help.
[turns to find two soldiers behind him, both aiming muskets at his chest]
Ian Chesterton: Soldiers! IAN: Soldiers!
Léon Colbert: Yes, I know. You walked right into my trap, didn't you, Ian?

"Doctor Who: The Warlords (#2.25)" (1965)
Ian Chesterton: I am Sir Ian, my lord, Knight of Jaffa. I know this villain's treachery... and hearing that you were looking for him, I followed you.

Ian Chesterton: ...Any more cracks about knighthood, and I'll carry out that execution!
The Doctor: Well, my dear boy, I must say I think you've earned a good knight's sleep!

The Doctor: Now, I suppose, the TARDIS will materialize when it's ready.
Barbara Wright: [teasing] Yes, and uh, where it likes.
The Doctor: [annoyed] Oh my dear young woman, why don't you go have a cup of... tea or something.
Ian Chesterton: What's happening?
The Doctor: I don't know. Hmm!

"Doctor Who: The Zarbi (#2.17)" (1965)
Ian Chesterton: Strange lights in the sky.

Ian Chesterton: Look at this, it's growing.
Dr. Who: Organic matter. Reproducing itself.

Ian Chesterton: Doctor, if your assumption was correct and this is Vortis, what do you know of its history.
Dr. Who: History doesn't mean anything when you travel through space and time.
[to the Zarbi]
Dr. Who: All right, all right, don't push, don't push.

"Doctor Who: The Firemaker (#1.4)" (1963)
Ian Chesterton: Back! Get back!

Ian Chesterton: Remember, Kal is not stronger than the whole tribe.

Dr. Who: Yes, it's matching up.
Susan Foreman: We're beginning to land.
Dr. Who: Oh, how I wish.
Ian Chesterton: Have you taken us back to our own time?
Dr. Who: You know I can't do that. Please be reasonable.
Ian Chesterton: What?
Barbara Wright: Please, you must take us back. You must.
Dr. Who: You see, this isn't operating correctly. Or rather, the code is still a secret. When you put the right data, precise information to a second of the beginning of a journey, then we can fix a destination, but I had no data at my disposal.
Barbara Wright: Are you saying that you don't know how to work this thing?
Dr. Who: Well, of course I can't. I'm not a miracle worker.
Susan Foreman: You can't blame Grandfather. We left the other place too quickly, that's all.
Ian Chesterton: Just a minute, did you try and take us back to our own time?
Dr. Who: Well, I got you away from that other time, didn't I?
Ian Chesterton: That isn't what I asked you.
Dr. Who: It's the only way I can answer you, young man. Now.
[switches on moniter]
Dr. Who: Now we shall see.
[the moniter displays images from planet Skaro]
Dr. Who: It could be anywhere. Dear, dear, dear, dear. It's no help to us at all. Well, I suggest before we go outside and explore, let us clean ourselves up.
Susan Foreman: Yes.
Dr. Who: Now, what does the radiation read, Susan?
Susan Foreman: It's reading normal, Grandfather.
[after she turns away, the radiation dial switches across to read 'Danger']

"Doctor Who: The Sea of Death (#1.21)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Oh, it's enormous.
Barbara Wright: Look at the joints in the blocks, Ian.
Ian Chesterton: Yes. Pure motor. It must have been built with tremendous accuracy.
Barbara Wright: Yes. The Egyptions did the same thing. So did the Indians of Central and Southern America.

Ian Chesterton: It's Barbara's travel dial. Look! There's blood on it!

"Doctor Who: The Temple of Evil (#1.27)" (1964)
The Doctor: The door!
Ian Chesterton: Quickly!

The Doctor: You know who he is?
Ian Chesterton: The local butcher by the look of him.
The Doctor: Exactly!

Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
Dr. Who: There, my latest invention.
Ian: What? A Police Box?
Susan: Of course not!
Dr. Who: This is TARDIS.
Ian: Tardis?
Susan: It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

Ian: [Stepping inside TARDIS] But, its so big in here and yet its so small from outside. How come?
Susan: In electro-connective theory, space expands to accommodate the time necessary to incorporate its dimensions.

"Doctor Who: Last Christmas (#9.0)" (2014)
Ian: [to Clara] Yeah, your mum and dad, one day a year, for no particular reason, just out of the blue, suddenly decide to give you a great big pile of presents.
Wolf: No, no, no. Because they love you so much. It's a lovely story dear.
Ian: Yeah, but it's time to start living in the real world, yeah?

[first lines]
[Clara is awakened by a clatter from the roof]
Santa Claus: [from somewhere outside] Moron! Numbskull! Elf!
Ian: That's racist.
Santa Claus: Of course it's not racist. You are an elf.

"Doctor Who: Invasion (#2.20)" (1965)
Nemini: The wall is not friendly. We must break it!
Ian Chesterton: What's wrong?
Hetra: A silent wall. We must make mouths in it with our weapons. Then it will speak more light.

Vrestin: Heron, what should we do?
Ian Chesterton: We go up.

"Doctor Who: The Ambush (#1.8)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: And, Susan...
Susan Foreman: Yes?
Ian Chesterton: You lead us. You know the way.
Susan Foreman: All right. This way, then.

Dr. Who: Oh, by the way, let me have the fluid link, will you? Oh, dear boy, now please, please, come along. You know I can't start the ship without it.
Ian Chesterton: The fluid link...
Susan Foreman: You've lost it?
Barbara Wright: Ian, you can't have.
Ian Chesterton: No. The Dalek's took it from me, when they searched me. It's down there somewhere, in the city.

"Doctor Who: The Expedition (#1.9)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: The fluid link...
Susan Foreman: You've lost it?
Barbara Wright: Ian, you can't have.
Ian Chesterton: No. The Dalek's took it from me, when they searched me. It must be down there somewhere, in the city.

Dr. Who: I'm afraid my little trick has rather rebounded on me. What you might call tempting providence, Chesserman.
Ian Chesterton: Well, don't worry about it now, Doctor. It's happened.
Dr. Who: Yes. Well, at least you're not vindictive.
Ian Chesterton: Well I will be if you don't get my name right.
Dr. Who: Hmm?
Ian Chesterton: It's "Chesterton".
Dr. Who: Yes. Hey?
Dr. Who: Yes, I know that.

"Doctor Who: The Screaming Jungle (#1.23)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Barbara's disappeared! That idol thing was on some sort of a pivot.

Barbara Wright: It must be far below zero.
Ian Chesterton: Barbara, this wind's blowing right through me. We must move!
Barbara Wright: I can't. I can't move, Ian. I'm too cold.
Ian Chesterton: Oh Barbara, you must move. If we don't find shelter, we don't stand a chance.

"Doctor Who: Crater of Needles (#2.19)" (1965)
Vrestin: It seems as if we fell a long, long way.
Ian Chesterton: Look. Where are we?

Ian Chesterton: Will you kill your own kind?
Hetra: Listen, stranger... you are both from... that wilderness above ground... , where the light blinds and the air chokes, where only destroyer races live. And from where none of us who has ever gone forth has ever returned. You come foraging into our world only for new victims. Take them!

"Doctor Who: The Escape (#1.7)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: [inside the Dalek shell] All right, now, Susan, Barbara, you get in front and pretend I'm taking you for questioning.
Barbara Wright: Right.
Susan Foreman: Yes.
Ian Chesterton: And, Susan...
Susan Foreman: Yes.
Ian Chesterton: You lead us. You know the way.
Susan Foreman: All right. This way, then.

Ian Chesterton: Susan, Barbara. Go in the corridor and keep a lookout.

"Doctor Who: Dangerous Journey (#2.2)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Barbara! He's standing at the sink. I can see him standing at the sink. He's turned the tap on!

Ian Chesterton: [separated from the Doctor and Susan, Ian and Barbara find themselves in a laboratory] Look at those enormous test tubes!

"Doctor Who: The Velvet Web (#1.22)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: It's Barbara's travel dial. Look! There's blood on it!

Barbara Wright: Look, we've got a visitor.
Ian Chesterton: This is where we pay the bill.

"Doctor Who: Prisoners of Conciergerie (#1.42)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Here they are.
[The Doctor enters, still in his official uniform. Behind him is the tall figure of Lemaitre.]
Barbara Wright: [surprised by Lemaitre's entrance] Lemaitre!
Jules Renan: Your friend has betrayed us!

Dr. Who: Well, I can assure you, my dear Barbara, Napoleon would never have believed you.
Ian Chesterton: Yes, Doctor, but ah, supposing we had written Napoleon a letter, telling him, you know, some of the things that were going to happen to him.
Susan Foreman: It wouldn't have made any difference, Ian. He would have forgotten it, or lost it, or thought it was written by a maniac.
Barbara Wright: [wryly] I suppose if we'd tried to kill him with a gun, the bullet would have missed him.
Dr. Who: Well, it's hardly fair to speculate, is it? No, I'm afraid you belittle things.
[over a starscape, their voices can still be heard]
Dr. Who: Our lives are important, at least to us. But as we see, so we learn.
Ian Chesterton: And what are we going to see and learn next, Doctor?
Dr. Who: Well, unlike the old adage, my boy, our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it.

"Doctor Who: The Snows of Terror (#1.24)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: Get up Barbara. We must keep moving. If we don't find shelter, we don't stand a chance.

Ian Chesterton: Oh, thank you. Mmm. Oh, that's better. Do we have you to thank for saving us on the mountain.
Vasor, Barbara Wright: I found you when I was resetting my traps. Had a difficult journey getting you back to the hut.
Barbara Wright: We would have frozen to death.
Vasor: The wolves would have eaten you first.

"Doctor Who: The Dead Planet (#1.5)" (1963)
Barbara Wright: Ian, where are we?
Ian Chesterton: I don't know.
Barbara Wright: Well, why doesn't he take us back?
Ian Chesterton: I'm not sure that he can.
Barbara Wright: What, ever?
Ian Chesterton: I hate it as much as you. I'm just as afraid. But what can we do?
Barbara Wright: Well, we could at least stay near the ship.
Ian Chesterton: Hmm. The ship's no good without him. We better keep an eye on him. He seems to have a knack of getting himself into trouble.
Barbara Wright: You think there's any danger?
Ian Chesterton: Not necessarily.
Barbara Wright: But don't be too complacent. No, you're right, I suppose. I just wish...
Ian Chesterton: We'll be all right.
Barbara Wright: Yes. Well, I suppose we'd better make sure he doesn't fall down and break a leg. Don't you ever think he deserves something to happen to him?
Ian Chesterton: [laughing] Yes!

Dr. Who: But I assure you, I am determined to study that place.
Ian Chesterton: You can do what you like, as long as you don't endanger the rest of us.
Dr. Who: Very well, then, I shall look at it myself, alone.
Ian Chesterton: You're the only one who can operate the ship. I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Doctor.
[hands the Doctor his glasses]
Ian Chesterton: Your glasses.

"Doctor Who: A Change of Identity (#1.39)" (1964)
Jailer: This batch for the guillotine! Take them away!
Ian Chesterton: Barbara! Susan!

"Doctor Who: The Lion (#2.22)" (1965)
Ian Chesterton: I'll just take a look around.
Dr. Who: Yes, yes.

"Doctor Who: Crisis (#2.3)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: The Doctor and Susan are still in that sink, Barbara. And he's turned the tap on.

"Doctor Who: The Day of Darkness (#1.30)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: What's the matter, Doctor?
Dr. Who: We have a bit of a mystery, my boy.
Barbara Wright: What sort of mystery?
Dr. Who: My instruments.
Susan Foreman: Yes, according to these controls here, we've stopped.
Dr. Who: Yes. And those instruments say that we're still moving.
Ian Chesterton: Perhaps we've landed on top of something.
Dr. Who: Yes.
Barbara Wright: Or inside something.
Dr. Who: Hmm?

"Doctor Who: The Warriors of Death (#1.28)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: I won't kill you this, this time. Not this time, Ixta.
Ixta: You mock the arts of war. I defy you to harm me!
Ian Chesterton: Pick up your club.
[squeezes his shoulder muscles until he falls unconscious]
Ian Chesterton: Don't worry. He'll be alright.
Tlotoxl: Autloc, there is a...

"Doctor Who: The Knight of Jaffa (#2.23)" (1965)
Richard the Lionheart: [tapping his sword on each of Ian's shoulders] In the name of God, St. Michael, and St. George, we dub you Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa. Arise Sir Ian and be valiant.
[holds out his hand and Ian kisses it]
Ian Chesterton: Your majesty.

"Doctor Who: The Bride of Sacrifice (#1.29)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: [of a brooch carried by the Doctor] Where did you get hold of this?
Dr. Who: My fiancée
Ian Chesterton: I see... Your what?
Dr. Who: Yes, I made some cocoa and got engaged.
[Ian laughs]
Dr. Who: Don't giggle, my boy. It's neither here, nor there.

"Doctor Who: Inferno (#2.15)" (1965)
Ian: I've got a friend who specialises in trouble. He dives in and usually finds a way.

"Doctor Who: Guests of Madame Guillotine (#1.38)" (1964)
Jailer: This batch for the guillotine. Take them away!
Ian Chesterton: Barbara! Susan!

"Doctor Who: Sentence of Death (#1.25)" (1964)
Tarron: Do you know anyone in the city?
Ian Chesterton: Yes, I do know someone, if I can find him.
Tarron: Who is he?
Ian Chesterton: Who? He's a Doctor!

"Doctor Who: World's End (#2.4)" (1964)
Ian Chesterton: They dare to tamper with human existence?
The Doctor: Yes, they dare. And we have got to dare to stop them!