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Vashtar (Character)
from Land of the Pharaohs (1955)

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Land of the Pharaohs (1955)
[last lines]
Vashtar: So it's finished.
[they gaze at the pyramid]
Vashtar: A structure to house one man and the greatest treasure of all time.
Senta: And a structure to last for all time.
Vashtar: Only history will tell.
Kyra: Will he be remembered?
Vashtar's servant: I don't think I'll ever forget him!
Vashtar: Yes, he will be remembered. The pyramid will keep his memory alive. In that he built better than he knew. Come, we have a long way to go.
[they turn away to begin their journey]

Vashtar: Listen to them, Vashtar! This is a funeral, but they're not sad. They almost seem as if they're happy
Vashtar: The life they hope for in the future seems to mean more to them than their present life.
Vashtar's servant: I wonder if any of them ever saw or spoke to someone living in the future.
Vashtar: I don't think so, Mikka.
Vashtar's servant: I'd rather enjoy this life. Mind you, the wine in the grave sounds like a good idea, but how do I know I'll be thirsty?

Pharaoh Cheops: [angrily] These plans have been used for a royal tomb, and not one has escaped the grave robbers!
Vashtar: There are many thieves and very few pharaohs.

Vashtar: When I've conceived a plan, I'll send you word.
Pharaoh Cheops: Good.
[to a servant]
Pharaoh Cheops: Hama, see that he has all he needs.
[to Vashtar]
Pharaoh Cheops: Work swiftly, architect!
Vashtar: That I may die sooner?
Pharaoh Cheops: No, that your people should live!