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The Man (Character)
from "The Booth at the End" (2011)

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"The Booth at the End: Start. See What Happens (#1.1)" (2010)
[first lines]
The Man: [James enters the diner, walks to the window-booth at the end, and takes a seat across the table from The Man] You're late.
James: I, umm...
The Man: [gruffly] The appointment was eleven.
James: I didn't know if I was coming.
The Man: Picked a girl?
James: Yes.
The Man: Tell me about her. James - the details!
James: I don't really want to.
The Man: How old? How *old* is the girl?
James: Young. She's four - fourish.
The Man: What was she wearing - when you first saw her - when you chose her?

Jenny: [seated at the booth] I heard you can do things.
The Man: I create opportunities for people to do things.
Jenny: You make things happen - like magic.
The Man: What do you want, Jenny?
Jenny: I want to be prettier.

Willem: [seated at the booth] I don't know that I believe you.
The Man: That's understandable - but not my problem.
Willem: Give me something - a token of proof or something.
The Man: Start. See what happens.

Mrs. Tyler: [seated at the booth] Do you make everyone who comes to you hurt someone?
The Man: No - only some.

The Man: [seated at the booth] Well, perhaps I can help.
Melody: What do I have to do?
The Man: I offer you a task - you do the task - you get what you want.

Allen: [seated at the booth] I did it. I did 'the thing'. So now what? How do we wrap this up?
The Man: You give me the details.
Allen: No.
The Man: [crossly] We had a deal, Detective.

Sister Carmel: [seated at the booth] I need to know one thing.
The Man: Alright.
Sister Carmel: How can I know you're not The Devil?
The Man: You can't.

"The Booth at the End: There Are Consequences (#2.1)" (2012)
[first lines]
Bobby: [enters the diner and walks to the booth at the end where The Man is reading a newspaper] Are you the man that can make things happen?
The Man: [scowls] I don't know what you're talking about.
Bobby: I'm pretty sure you're the guy.
The Man: What makes you think so?

The Man: [seated at the booth] Cheryl, you will either find a woman without family and friends and torture her, or you won't. And if you do, your daughter will be healed. And if not, she won't - at least, not by any means found in this booth.

Dillon: [seated at the booth] Uh, is this for real?
The Man: It's real, but if you wanna get what you want, you gotta be honest with me.
Dillon: I told you the truth.
The Man: The words are true. Honesty's a little more complicated.

The Man: [seated at the booth] You understand no matter what you choose to get, you will be breaking the world. That's what we do. We take the world, and we crack it.
Maria: Alright, then. Yes. My mother. I want my mother to spend her last days filled with love for what is in front of her. I just don't want her to lose sight of joy. Can I ask for that?
The Man: You can.
Maria: What do I have to do?
The Man: [briefly consults his journal] You will have to make five people cry.

Conner: [seated at the booth] How come grownups get to get what they want but not me?
The Man: Because you don't know what you're getting yourself into.
Conner: I just want my dad home - the way it was.
The Man: There are things I do not know about this world - about people - about how things will turn out. But I do know this: There are consequences.

Doris: [seated at the booth next to The Man's booth] Hey - long time, no see.
The Man: [shakes his head] Not that long.
Doris: Doris.
The Man: [nods] Doris.
Doris: Still mysterious. You surprised to see me?
The Man: I did leave without saying goodbye. I like to move on.
Doris: I bet you do.

"The Booth at the End: A New Reality (#2.2)" (2012)
[first lines]
Dillon: [seated at the booth] So, we make a deal, right? You give me a task - I go do it - then I get to live forever.
The Man: Well, there *are* other conditions.

The Man: [seated at the booth with Henry] You want to remove reality and replace it with something else.

Henry: [seated at the booth] God is a fool's crutch. I stand on my own two feet.
The Man: Then what are you doing here?

Melody: [angrily approaches The Man seated at the booth] What happened to me?
The Man: Hello, Melody.
Melody: [sits down at the booth] What happened to me?
The Man: When?
Melody: When I was dead.
The Man: I don't think that's possible. Is it?

"The Booth at the End: I Have My Reasons (#1.4)" (2010)
Sister Carmel: [seated at the booth] Wait a minute. I might hear God again, even if I don't do the deal?
The Man: Of course. There's always many different resolutions of any given problem. I offer only one.

Richard: [seated at the booth] Alright, um, what do I have to do to make a deal with you?
The Man: I give you a task - you do it - and you get what you want - just like the flowers. So, what do you want?
Richard: I want my father to leave me alone.
The Man: That can happen.
Jenny: I want to help him. I want to help him get the thing he wants.

[last lines]
The Man: [Doris, the waitress, refills The Man at the booth's teacup and starts to turn away] Hey. Tell me something you want to tell me.
Doris: I've been waiting for love a long time.
The Man: That's something you don't usually tell people.
Doris: I've got no one else to tell.
The Man: Why are you so alone?
Doris: Why are you?
The Man: I have my reasons.
Doris: Unlike the rest of us?

"The Booth at the End: Our Deal Here Is Done (#1.5)" (2010)
The Man: [seated at the booth] Well, our deal was that you would hear God again. Did you? Are you?
Sister Carmel: Yes.
The Man: What are you hearing?
Sister Carmel: That I'm gonna have a child, and I'm hearing it now. And now...
The Man: Then our deal here is done.

James: [seated at the booth] You're a monster!
The Man: You might say I - I *feed* monsters.

"The Booth at the End: What One Begins, One Must Finish (#1.2)" (2010)
James: [seated at the booth] I'm supposed to kill a little girl to save my son's life! I have spent so much time explaining to myself why it's better off she die. And now, I think there's someone watching over her. Can I choose another child?
The Man: No.
James: Yes, I can.
The Man: No, you can't.
James: Another child.
The Man: What one begins, one must finish. Those are the rules.
James: Someone is watching her!
The Man: And just because a client finds a task difficult, doesn't mean he gets to change the task.

The Man: [seated at the booth] Where are you going to meet people?
Sister Carmel: I tried bars. It's like Mass with too much wine and everyone praying to get laid.

"The Booth at the End: It's Not Supposed to Be Easy (#2.3)" (2012)
Maria: [seated at the booth] Don't judge me too hard...
The Man: I'm not judging you! I'm just telling you the rules of the agreement that we made.
Maria: Well, I don't like the rules.
The Man: Then don't play the game.

The Man: God. Love. People use words all the time. It doesn't mean they agree on their meaning. It doesn't mean they've thought through what 'they mean' when they use them.

"The Booth at the End: How You Do It is Up to You (#1.3)" (2010)
Jenny: [seated at the booth] ... so my question is, 'Can I have a partner?' - and he's really cute.
The Man: So, you want the cute guy, who lives in his car, to help you rob the banks.
Jenny: Yeah. You think that's a bad idea?
The Man: Jenny, I think people do what they do. You know how much money you need to rob, how you do it is up to you.