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Jenna (Character)
from Balto (1995)

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Balto (1995)
Steele: Let's celebrate. I know where all the bones are buried.
Jenna: I don't know, Steele. Suddenly I've lost my appetite.
Steele: Well, maybe your taste runs more toward
[short pause]
Steele: wolf.

Jenna: Steele's lying. Balto's alive. He's coming home.
[runs out the door]
Steele: [closes his eyes and nods yes] She... just needs a little time.

Balto: See this? It's the Polar Ice Caps?
Jenna: Balto, those are broken bottles, and they're not half-empty, they're all empty.
Balto: The sun, and to the north
Jenna: Oh, Balto. It's beautiful.
Balto: Yeah, Beautiful

Jenna: It's so gloomy down here.
Balto: Gloomy? You kiddin'? It's the most beautiful spot in the world. Dogs travel for years just to be right here.
Jenna: I can't see why.
Balto: That's 'cause you're looking at the bowl half empty. See, this is the polar ice caps.
[pushes a pile of broken bottles]
Jenna: Balto, those are broken bottles, and they're not half empty, they're *all* empty.
Balto: [motioning toward the grate that's overhead] The sun...
Jenna: Balto...
Balto: [continuing] ... and, to the north...
Jenna: The Northern Lights! Balto, you were right. It's beautiful.
Balto: Yeah, beautiful.

Balto: I have the keys to the city.
[disables hinges and pushes the door open; shows Jenna in]
Balto: After you.
Jenna: [noticing Balto's paws] Balto.
Balto: Big paws run in my family. At least... one side of my family.

Balto: [leading Jenna through boiler room] Stick close.
Jenna: No problem there.

Boris: [about Muk and Luk after they jump into water to save Balto] They cannot swim.
Jenna: What? Polar bears who can't *swim*?

Jenna: Are you okay?
Balto: Are you you okay?

Jenna: Steele, stop being such a glory-hound!

Balto: Jenna?
[clears throat]
Balto: Jenna?
Jenna: [looking at Rosy through the window] Balto. Oh, hi.
Balto: Hi. Look, uh... just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if, uh... I-I don't know, maybe you'd like to go chase a few sticks by moonlight?

Jenna: It's not exactly a one-dog show, Dixie.

Jenna: [to Steele] These days I prefer my meat... cooked.

Jenna: [acting flirtatious] Gee, Steele, I have to admit, your offer is... very tempting...
[she backs him towards the boiler]
Steele: It is. Heh heh...
Jenna: But these days I prefer my meat... cooked.
[Steele realizes he is burning]

Dixie: Looks like a close race. It could even be neck and neck.
Slyvie or Sylvie: Complement her new collar before she gets whiplash.
Jenna: Is that a new collar, Dixie?
Dixie: What, this old thing? Nah. Do you think Steele will notice?
Jenna: The only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror.

Dixie: What's with you, Jenna? Steele's a genuine hero. But do you give him a sniff?
Slyvie or Sylvie: That's because Jenna is running with Balto.
[Dixie makes a noise of disbelief]
Slyvie or Sylvie: She was seen in the boiler room the other night with Balto. And they went in together and they left together. And I heard it all from a very reliable source, and don't bother to deny it.
Jenna: Well... then I won't.
Slyvie or Sylvie: [gasps] I'm speechless.

Jenna: You're lying.
Jenna: Steele's lying. Balto's alive. And he's coming home.

Jenna: The sun... ice caps... Balto.

Jenna: Steele, it doesn't matter who's on the team! As long as the medicine gets through, stop being such a glory-hound!

Jenna: You're going on alone?
Balto: Won't be the first time.

Jenna: [cheering while Balto is running in the race] Go Balto!

Wild Joe: I don't get it. How could Balto hope to find Steele and his team? They were off the trail.
Jenna: Well... he's tracking them.
Morse: That mutt? Tracking a championship team in a blizzard?
[laughs; a couple others join in]
Jenna: [Steele comes in] Balto?
Jenna: Steele!
Wild Joe: You're back!
Morse: We'd given you up!
Doc: Where are the others?
Steele: [bows his head] One by one they fell. Frozen, barely alive. I pulled four onto the sled and three more on my back. I walked and I walked, but it was too late. They were...
[the other dogs gasp]
Doc: What about the medicine?
Steele: I went on, dragging the medicine alone. Suddenly that wolfdog appeared. Balto demanded I let *him* take the medicine.
[turns to Jenna]
Steele: You know he just wanted so much to be a hero in your eyes.
[turns towrd the other dogs]
Steele: He grabbed the crate, but he couldn't handle it. He didn't see the patch of ice... and the cliff.
[pulls out Jenna's bandanna]
Steele: He didn't have a chance.
[shakes his head, clucking softly]
Jenna: [gasps] My bandanna!
Steele: [gets closer to Jenna] He made me promise to take care of you, Jenna.
Jenna: You're lying.
Jenna: Steele's lying. Balto's alive. And he's coming home.
[runs out the door]
Steele: [closes his eyes and nods yes] She... just needs a little time.

Steele: Okay... Nikki, Kaltag, Star. Gear up. We're heading out.
Balto: Wait a minute. Steele, I was the fastest dog out there.
Steele: You were the fastest... what? If you think any musher in their right mind would put you on their team... well, you're even more mixed up than I thought.
Jenna: Steele! It doesn't matter who's on the team! As long as the medicine gets through! Stop being such a glory hound!
Steele: You're a hundred percent right, Jenna. I - I - wasn't thinking about those children. The important thing here is to get the medicine through. And that's just what I'm gonna do.
[Aside, to Balto]
Steele: And when I get back, I'm gonna fold you five ways and leave you for a cat toy.

Musher: Let's take a look at our winner here!
[Steele stomps on Balto's foot, causing him to growl in pain, bearing his teeth]
Musher: We can't trust him. He's part wolf. He might turn on me. Nikki, Kaltag, Star!
[Steele smiles deviously at Balto, then walks away]
Jenna: Balto...
Balto: [depressed] Don't talk to me, Jenna. I might turn on you.

Jenna: [Jenna falls in the snow because she is hurt] Ahh! Clumsy.
Balto: No, you're not. You're hurt.
Jenna: I'm fine.
[Jenna gets back up but falls in the snow again]
Jenna: Ahh! Maybe I'm not so fine. You should go ahead without me.
Balto: Jenna...
Jenna: No no I'll be slowing everyone down. Rosy can't hold out much longer.
Jenna: Muk, you and Luk carry Jenna back to town on this.
[Balto gets a branch fallen off a tree]
Boris: And this time don't take tome out for a swim!
[Boris giggles]
Balto: You can make sure of that, Boris. You're gonna lead them home.
[to Jenna]
Balto: Just follow my marks.
Jenna: You're going all alone?
Balto: Won't be the first time.
Jenna: Here.
[Jenna takes off her bandana and puts it on Balto]
Jenna: Afraid it won't keep you very warm.
Balto: Yeah, it will.
[Balto and Jenna muzzle each other]
Muk: [Luk starts to cry] Well, of course Balto will come back. He's Balto isn't he?
Balto: Hey! I'm coming back, with the medicine. I promise, Jenna. Go ahead, guys. Take her home.
[Balto starts walking off but Boris stops him]
Boris: Balto, I do not like leaving you out here alone. Who's going to tell you how cold you are?
Balto: Boris.
[Balto shoves Boris to look at the others]
Balto: They need you even more then I do.
Boris: Let me tell you something, Balto. A dog cannot make this journey alone. But maybe a wolf can.

Balto: Balto: "Maybe it's because your looking at the bowl half-empty. See this it's the polar ice caps."
Jenna: Jenna: "Balto those are broken bottles and they're not half-empty they're all empty."
Balto: Balto:
[pushes bottles forward]
Balto: Balto:
[looking up]
Balto: "The sun, and to the north."
Jenna: Jenna: "Oh Balto your right it is beautiful."
Balto: Balto: "Yeah beautiful."

Balto III: Wings of Change (2004) (V)
Jenna: Kodi? Kodiak, come here!
Kodi: Yeah, mom.
Jenna: What are you doing here? I-I thought you went with your dad.
Kodi: No,I-I didn't.
Jenna: [sighs] You mean your dad's out there alone? Oh, why didn't you go?
Kodi: Well I,
Kodi: I don't know. I don't know why he's even looking.
Jenna: Oh, Kodi, I-I don't believe you. There is a man out there who may be dying.
Kodi: We could've lost our jobs because of that man.
Jenna: You think your job is worth more than a life?
Jenna: I should've gone with Balto.

Muc and Luc: [talking about the 'monster'] It was louder than a wild-eyed grizzly!
Balto, Jenna: [looking at each other, panicked] The bushplane!

Jenna: [singing] You don't have to be a hero, you just have to be there/He doesn't need to know you're perfect, he needs to know you care/And when the race is over, you've done all you can do/Be a father, not a hero/ That's all he needs from you/You don't have to be a winner if you give it your best/Believe in who you are, and then time can do the rest/Your heart is his example, brave and strong and true/ You don't have to be a hero, you just have to be you/Trust in your son/He's more than he seems/ Like you, he can run/Like you, he has dreams/Oooooooooh... /Have faith in yourself, my love/Have faith in him, too/He will always have a hero/He will always have a hero, for he'll always have you.

Jenna: I still don't understand how that big steel... whatever can fly like a bird.

Jenna: Did Dad tell when he saw you leading the others that night, it was the proudest moment of his life?
Kodi: Well, not in so many words, but I got it.

Balto: I thought you missed me.
Jenna: Always.

Balto: Looks like the mail finally arrived today.
Jenna: [chuckles] Very funny, Balto. You *know* Kodi is proud of his new job.

Balto: It will come, you see, it will come.
Jenna: [yawns] Why does that have such a familiar ring to it.
Balto: I know, we been coming up here for the last three days.
Jenna: At the crack of dawn.
Balto: Okay, so it's been a little under the early side, but that's when I saw it, trust me, it will be worth it.
Jenna: Well, wake me up when it arrives.
Jenna: [the plane passes over them making such a loud noise it wakes up Jenna] Its louder then a wild-eye grisly!
Balto: isn't it beautiful, come on Jenna!

Jenna: [Jenna has just caught up with balto after chasing the bush plane] Okay, it was... worth it... even if I'am going to have a heart attack... what is it?
Balto: I don't know, but look at it go, don't you ever wonder what its like up there? Looking down on the world.
Jenna: No, not me, I don't get how that big steel... whatever can fly like a bird
Balto: What a feeling.
Jenna: You want to be up there, flying?
Balto: Sometimes, in my dreams, I'm soaring above the clouds, free

Jenna: What are you doing here, its late.
Balto: I just thought I say hello.
Jenna: you couldn't waited till morning?
Balto: I thought you missed me too much.
Jenna: All ways, so whats up?
Balto: Me, nothing
Jenna: Hu-huh.
Balto: I don't know, It's just, when we saw that plane, Its so fast, I can't, there's no way to keep up with it, How can I look Kodi in the eyes if we lose.
Jenna: Your his father, he loves you.
Balto: He knows me as the town hero, The great Balto saving Nome, What happens when I'am the same balto loses the mail run.
Jenna: Oh Balto.

Jenna: I wonder how far they are by now.
Mel: Well, assuming they didn't get lost or attacked by bears or Balto didn't break his leg or the mail didn't fall out of the sled or Kodi didn't barf or - never mind.
Dipsy: [Dipsy comes dragging a sack of beef jerky near Mel and Jenna] Well wouldn't you look at what the dog dragged in? Triple A number 1 first Quality beef jerky. And did old Guntersson see a thing? Absolutely not. You know I'm getting so good I scare my self.
[Dipsy gets a piece of beef jerky out]
Dipsy: Anyone?
Mel: Eat? At a time like this?
Jenna: Err, go ahead Dipsy.
Dipsy: Thanks. I don't mind if I do.
[Dipsy eats a piece of beef jerky]

Jenna: Hey, what are you doing out here? The party's out on the beach.
Balto: I'm just wondering what happend to Duke.
Jenna: Are you really worried?
Muk: Balto! Balto! It was awful, it was terrible. Did I say it was awful?
[Luk nods]
Muk: there we were fishing the river just minding our own business when it... it... it ATTACKED!
Balto: What attacked?
Muk: The monster.
[Luk acts like a monster]
Muk: Ahh!
Balto: Wait a minute a monster?
Muk: We could barely see it through the fog. But we could hear it. Getting closer and closer. Of course we didn't stick around. we boated. It chased us howling and snarling. Until finally it bounced out of the sky. If Luk hadn't yanked me out of the way we would of been crashed.
[Muc and Luk cry]
Jenna: Wheres this monster now?
Muk: Out there. It's stuck in the snow. That's how we escaped.
Balto: It bounced out of the sky?
[Muc and Luk nod]
Balto: And the snarling was it really loud?
Muk: Loud. It was louder then a wild-eye-grizzly.
Jenna, Balto: The bush plane!

Balto: Wolf Quest (2002) (V)
Balto: Jenna.
Jenna: Balto, what are you doing here so early? Is Aleu alright?
Balto: I don't know. I was hoping she was with you. She's... kinda mad at me.
Jenna: Stay there.
[runs outside]
Jenna: Now tell me what happened.
Balto: [hops down from stack of crates] A hunter took aim at her.
Jenna: [gasps]
Balto: No, no. Don't worry. We got away. But I... finally had to tell her how humans see her.
Jenna: You mean you told her about being part...?
Balto: Yes. I should've done it sooner. I know that now. She's so angry with me. She must've run away.
Jenna: Run away?
Balto: I'm sorry, Jenna. I never thought it would turn out this way. I thought I could keep her safe.
Jenna: B-B-But she's not safe, she's running wild!
[starts to follow]
Balto: No, not you, Jenna. This is my fault, and it's something Aleu and I have to work out together. Don't worry. I'll find her.

Jenna: Aleu, honey, please don't howl like that.
Aleu: Sorry, mama. It just happens when I'm excited.

Balto: It's been a long day, Jenna. Let's go home.
Jenna: Not until a human adopts Aleu!
Balto: Face it, Jenna. She looks more like a wolf than me. No human is ever going to want her.
Jenna: That's not true! We have to keep trying.

Jenna: Come on in. They don't bite, at least not yet.

Jenna: I know that human. He'll be a good home for Dingo.

Jenna: [about the puppies] Watch out, they're teething.
Boris: No kidding!

Jenna: Each of our children have their own lives to live.

Jenna: But it's their time now. Why, I was their age when I was adopted by my girl.
Balto: But I don't think I can let them go, Jenna. Not yet.
Jenna: Balto, each of our children have their own lives to live. It's our job to love them, and then...
Boris: [in the background] LET GO!
Jenna: If we wait any longer, it will be harder for them to find homes. You know how humans have a soft spot for puppies.
Balto: Yeah. And so do I.

Jenna: What do you mean he just ran off?
Boris: I mean he's got Aleu scent, told me to tell you not to worry and away he went. He's a wolf on a mission.
Jenna: I'm going to help him look.
[as Jenna walks to the door Boris steps in front of her]
Boris: No, Jen! This is a journey for father and daughter. You must have faith in them.
Jenna: You're sure Balto as her trail?
[Boris nods]
Jenna: And you're sure Balto's alright?
Boris: Don't worry Jenna. Remember, they're are well-equipped. They are both... part... wolf.