Dr. Leon Bessemer
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Dr. Leon Bessemer (Character)
from "That Girl" (1966)

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"That Girl: Paper Hats & Everything (#1.22)" (1967)
Party Guests: [Ann and her father walk in the door, turn on the lights] Surprise!
[Party guests throw confetti & streamers, blow party horns]
Ann Marie: [Ann is so touched by her surprise party, she's crying. Hugs Donald] Oh, paper hats and everything.
Lou Marie: Take this honey, you'll shrink his coat.
[Hands Ann a handkerchief, she laughs]
Ann Marie: Thank you Daddy.
Judy Bessemer: Are you really surprised?
Ann Marie: Yes, I really am. Oh, Paul thank you!
[Hugs Paul and kisses him on the cheek]
Paul: Mr. Benedict will be here later.
Ann Marie: Oh, good. Leon!
[Hugs Leon]
Ann Marie: Thank you.
Dr. Leon Bessemer: Don't thank me, thank Alfred Merguson, he came early.
[They laugh]
Dr. Leon Bessemer: [Leon is an obstetrician, and was delivering a baby at a hospital earlier]
Ann Marie: Patti!
[Hugs Patti]
Ann Marie: I thought you were going to be away.
Patti: For you and free food, I came back.
Ann Marie: Thank you. Judy!
[Hugs Judy]
Judy Bessemer: Ann!
Ann Marie: How did you keep a secret?
Judy Bessemer: I didn't plan it 'til after you left.
[They laugh]
Ann Marie: [Hugs another person who just came in] Thank you! Who are you?
Marvin: I'm Marvin Cronefeld, the cab driver.
[to Mr. Marie]
Marvin: Where's my money?
Lou Marie: Here's five, keep the change.
Judy Bessemer: Have a salomi sandwich.
[Hands him a sandwich]
Patti: And here's a cornbeef!
[Hands him another sandwich]
Dr. Leon Bessemer: Take two.
Paul: You'll need something to drink, you've got to have something to drink.
[Hands him a bottle of soda]
Marvin: Just a plain night. Boy, what must go on here on New Year's Eve.
[Party guests blow their party horns at him, he leaves]
Donald 'Don' Hollinger: [Ann is still crying] Hey come on, you're the birthday girl, you should be laughing.
[Hugs Ann]
Ann Marie: I am, this is wet laughing.