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Buddy Ryan (Character)
from "Night Court" (1984)

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"Night Court: The Next Voice You Hear... (#4.1)" (1986)
Buddy: [about Harry's mother] Harry, she went into a psychiatric institution after she left you. That's where we met.
Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone: I'm gonna go out on a limb here... you weren't on the staff, were you?
[Buddy grins and shakes his head]
Buddy: But I'm feeling much better now.

Buddy: Here's a picture of your mother and me at Niagara Falls.
Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone: [looking] Where are you?
Buddy: In the barrel.
[Harry looks at him]
Buddy: But I'm feeling much better now.

Buddy: [realizing something about Harry] You have your mother's compassion. But you're so different. I wonder what would have happened if she had raised you.

[Harry wakes from a nap to find he's been laying on Buddy's knee. Buddy just smiles at him]
Buddy: I didn't want to disturb you.
Judge Harry T. Stone: You did a real good job.
Judge Harry T. Stone: [smiling] You're a fine-looking young man.
Judge Harry T. Stone: Thank you very much.
[long pause]
Buddy: [smiling] Wanna know who the hell I am?

Buddy: I was married to your mother.
Judge Harry T. Stone: Oh. Then that would make us...
Buddy: Nothing.

Buddy: [about Harry and his mother] I guess you weren't that close.
Judge Harry T. Stone: Not close? I got a letter from her just today. It was sent fifteen years ago.
Buddy: I told her special delivery was no faster than the regular service.

Buddy: [saying good-bye to Harry] I guess I'll see you around, Harry.
Judge Harry T. Stone: Anytime, Buddy. And I mean that. Anytime.
Buddy: How about tomorrow?
Judge Harry T. Stone: [having had enough Buddy for one day] No, not tomorrow. I'll call.

Judge Harry T. Stone: [alarmed by Buddy's behavior] Buddy, did I happen to warn you that I am armed?
Buddy: No, you got it exactly right! "Why would a woman in her right mind..." do something like that?
Judge Harry T. Stone: [lifting a stapler] This is no ordinary stapler...
Buddy: Answer: she *wasn't* in her right mind!
Judge Harry T. Stone: [surprised, lowers the stapler] You're saying she was sick?
Buddy: For a time. After a while, she got better.

"Night Court: From Snoop to Nuts: Part 2 (#6.19)" (1989)
Buddy Ryan: With friends like these, who needs hallucinations?

Harry Stone: [after finding out Buddy's his biological father] All right, Buddy, whatever you have to say, go ahead and lay it out. Nothing that you can say could possibly faze me now!
Buddy Ryan: You were born in a *mental institution*!
Harry Stone: ...I stand corrected.

Buddy Ryan: Your mom was really pretty messed up when she first moved into the hospital. To give you an idea, *I* actually helped *her*. It was just the two of us. We clung to each other for support. And that support grew into friendship. And that friendship grew into love.
Harry Stone: And that's... where I came into the picture.
Buddy Ryan: Yeah.

Harry Stone: Buddy, what I still don't understand is, why did you take so long to tell me this?
Buddy Ryan: By the time I got out of the hospital, your mom was already married.
Harry Stone: To Harry, Sr.
Buddy Ryan: Yeah, he seemed like a pretty good guy.
Harry Stone: Yeah, he was.
Buddy Ryan: Sure, and as far as you knew, he was your dad. So, we figured it would be better if we waited until you were older before we told you. And then I had that little set-back with the Cheese Whiz... but I'm feeling much better now.

Harry Stone: Buddy, you've been better for years. You could have told me this any number of times.
Buddy Ryan: Well, I figured it would hurt your career if people found out your dad was, uh... half a bubble off.
Harry Stone: Buddy...
Buddy Ryan: Oh, no! You were a, you were a judge! You could go on to be mayor, or governor, or maybe even the guy who hosts the big Lotto Spin!
Harry Stone: I'd appreciate your faith in me.
Buddy Ryan: Hey. Even if you weren't the son I always knew I had you'd still be the son I always wished I wanted. So, I'm glad I have ya... son.
Harry Stone: I can't think of a nicer or more confusing compliment.

[last lines]
Buddy Ryan: Well, it's been quite an eventful day, Harry. Even by my standards. You sure you're all right?
Harry Stone: Well, let's see. I got knocked around by an inept government agent, went through a severe identity crisis, and nearly got myself killed...
[grins at his father]
Harry Stone: But I'm feeling *much* better now!

"Night Court: The Blues of the Birth (#7.24)" (1990)
[Trapped in an elevator with Buddy and Christine]
Harry Stone: Miss Sullivan, are you in pain?
Christine Sullivan: Yes! I'm having a baby!
Harry Stone: Well, you can't have it in there!
Alexander Tobin: That's what I'm trying to tell her!
Harry Stone: Who are you?
Alexander Tobin: I'm Alexander Tobin, and I'm being held against my will by a pregnant woman and a *lunatic!*
Harry Stone: ...Buddy?
Buddy Ryan: Hi, son! Don't worry about us, we're having a ball!

Buddy Ryan: [Seeing Christine pregnant for the first time] Is it my imagination, or is Christine developing a beer gut?

Christine Sullivan: Buddy? Is that you?
Buddy Ryan: [takes off his sunglasses and looks into a hand mirror] By golly, it is!

Christine Sullivan: Well, Dan, all I can say is, I am not afraid of a little pain.
Dan Fielding: Well, whatever you say, Christine...
[Christine gasps and seizes Dan's wrist in a death grip]
Buddy Ryan: Ah, the love theme from "Psycho."

Christine Sullivan: [after her first contraction in the cafeteria] Buddy, could you help me to the elevator? I may be further along than I thought.
Buddy Ryan: How can you tell?
[she holds up a mangled fork]
Buddy Ryan: Right.

"Night Court: The Night Court Before Christmas (#6.9)" (1988)
McCracken: [after Buddy has given him Nick's Christmas gift] What do you do? Go around, just giving gifts to complete strangers?
Buddy Ryan: We're funny that way.

Dan Fielding: [after Buddy wonders why the gang is asking about Nick] These yahoos thought that Nick might be Santa Claus.
Buddy Ryan: And you guys are on the *outside*.

Buddy Ryan: [still amused by what the gang thought about Nick] Nick - Santa Claus. That's hysterical.
Buddy Ryan: [looks thoughtful]
Buddy Ryan: Although, that would explain his red convertible.
Judge Harry T. Stone: What about his red convertible?
Buddy Ryan: It flies.

Buddy Ryan: [as Harry is about to take another drink] Hey Harry?
[Harry turns and sees Buddy and Nick at the window in Nick's convertible]
Buddy Ryan: Want a ride?
Judge Harry T. Stone: No thanks, Buddy, I'm covered.
[Is about to resume his drinking, but pauses and looks back. The window is clear. Harry dismisses what he thought he saw]
Judge Harry T. Stone: Nah.
Buddy Ryan: [yelling at Nick] Hey, look out for that flock of pigeons!

"Night Court: Futureman (#7.14)" (1990)
Court Clerk MacIntosh 'Mac' Robinson: [looking at Buddy's resume] What is this, Buddy? It says here you spent 1971 on a meditative sabbatical.
Buddy Ryan: Well, Harry dreamed that one up.
Judge Harry T. Stone: Well, Buddy, we couldn't very well tell people that you spent a year trying to figure out ways to get Gilligan off the island.
Buddy Ryan: I came up with 10,000 ideas.
Court Clerk MacIntosh 'Mac' Robinson: Ideas? Like, building a bamboo raft?
Buddy Ryan: 10,000 and one!

Buddy Ryan: I think a man should work, so he can get up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror and say... 'Are my ears even?'

Buddy Ryan: [about Bull's hiccups] Have you tried holding your breath?
Bull Shannon: That works?
Buddy Ryan: It always did for me. And it's loads of fun. That's how I had my first hallucination.

"Night Court: From Snoop to Nuts: Part 1 (#6.18)" (1989)
Bull Shannon: [after Buddy introduces his friend, Dr. Dumont] Oh, a doctor. How's Buddy doing?
Dr. Dumont: Well, he seems to be doing wonderfully lately.
Buddy Ryan: Except for that Saran Wrap incident... but, I'm feeling much better now!

Christine: [drunk] Buddy! Harry! I've gotta go! I've gotta stop him!
[She rushes to the door, and crashes into it]
Buddy Ryan: I used to do that a lot. But I'm feeling much better now!

Harry Stone: [explaining his meeting with Marty Cologne] This is part of a govnerment sting to catch some criminals who have been bribing judges.
Buddy Ryan: Really? Then all that stuff Christine told me about your feeling alone, without any family, that was all part of the act?
Harry Stone: Right.
Buddy Ryan: [deep sigh] What a relief. And to think I almost told you that I was your father.
Harry Stone: You mean my stepfather.
Buddy Ryan: No, I mean your *real* father. But, now I guess there's no need to tell you.
Harry Stone: What?
Buddy Ryan: Hec, I always figured you'd be better off not knowing anyway, so you won't hear it from me.
Harry Stone: Wait a minute, Buddy. You're trying to tell me that you are my *real* father?
Buddy Ryan: Well since you brought it up... yeah.

"Night Court: Melvin and Harold (#7.18)" (1990)
[after Buddy sends off the Chinese acrobats]
Roz Russell: Hey, Buddy. I didn't know you spoke Chinese.
Buddy Ryan: [surprised] Was that Chinese? Wow! You know, that would explain that picture of me bowling with Chiang Kai-Shek!