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Sheeta (Character)
from Castle in the Sky (1986)

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Castle in the Sky (1986)
Sheeta: [hugging her] Dola!
Dola: Thank goodness you're alive!
Pazu: So are you. This is great!
Papa: No it's not! My poor little ship is gone forever! Boo hoo hoo hoo!
Dola: Stop with the cryin', ya big baby! I'll get you another ship!
Papa: [stops crying] Okay.
Dola: [to Sheeta, softhearted] Oh, poor little thing. There's nothin' worse than having your pigtails shot off!
Sheeta: [reacting to a sharp object beneath Dola's blouse] Or having your eye poked out. What have you got under there?
Dola: Oh, my fault!
[takes out shining gem]
Dola: You must've hurt yourself on these! Now, how'd they get inside my blouse?
Charles: [as pirates take out their hidden jewels] *All* good pirates listen to their Mom!
Louis: That is so true, huh?

Col. Muska: How appropriate that we've ended up in the throne room.
Col. Muska: Now get over here!
Sheeta: This is no longer a throne room. This is a tomb for the both of us. You see, a king without compassion does not deserve a kingdom. You will *never* possess the crystal! You and I will die here, together. Now I understand why the people of Laputa vanished. This is a song from my home in the valley of Gondoa that explains everything. It says, "Take root in the ground, live in harmony with the wind, plant your seeds in the winter, and rejoice with the birds in the coming of spring." No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.
Col. Muska: [Muska shoots off Sheeta's pigtail] Laputa will live. I will return it to life! Laputa's power is the dream of all mankind!
[he shoots off her other pigtail]
Col. Muska: Your ears are next... unless you get on your knees and obey me!
Col. Muska: I command you, GIVE ME THAT STONE!
Pazu: Stop right there, Muska!
[appears with a cannon in hand]
Pazu: I've hidden the stone. If you do anything to harm Sheeta, you'll never get it back.
Sheeta: No, Pazu, listen! Run away before he kills you as well as me!
Col. Muska: Look who's here. Why don't you give me the stone, and the girl will live. Otherwise, I'll kill her!
Col. Muska: Are you planning on fighting me? Go ahead, use that cannon you can hardly lift!
Pazu: You can have the stone if you let me talk to Sheeta.
Sheeta: [with desperate pathos] No, Pazu! Get out of here, and THROW THE CRYSTAL AWAY!
Col. Muska: I'll give you one minute, starting now.

[when Pazu and Sheeta are preparing to launch in the kite]
Dola: Are you up there, Sheeta, my dear?
Sheeta: Yes.
Dola: Best ya come down right now!
Sheeta: But why?
Dola: Uh? 'Cause you're a GIRL! A FEMALE! That's MAN'S work!
Sheeta: But YOU'RE female, Captain! And I was born up in the mountains, I can do this.
Pazu: No, Sheeta!
Sheeta: Be quiet!
[to Dola]
Sheeta: And Pazu agrees with me!
[Dola laughs hysterically]

Sheeta: The tree! We protected it, so it protects us!

Col. Muska: [fascinated by Sheeta's glowing pendant] It's the Sacred Light! The ancient documents were true! It's not just a legend!
Sheeta: What are you talking about?
Col. Muska: [reaches out to touch Sheeta's crystal; screams as its rays burn his hands]
Sheeta: [backs away with a gasp]
Col. Muska: [forcefully] Tell me the spell! What are the secret words?

Col. Muska: [as the robot climbs the stairs] Yes, I understand!
Sheeta: [gasps as Muska pulls her close]
Col. Muska: [showing his true colors] It's your crystal! The force of the Sacred Light has brought the robot back to life! The way to Laputa has been opened!
Sheeta: LET ME GO!

[soldiers observe the blast from the observatory]
Col. Muska: The fire of Heaven that destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah in the Old Testament. The Ramanayah referred to it as "Indra's Arrow." The entire world will once again kneel before the power of Laputa.
General: I can only say, "Well done, Muska. You're a credit to our country." As such, you deserve this reward!
[shoots at hologram, to no avail]
General: Huh?
[his gun runs out]
Col. Muska: [menacingly] I have really had enough of your incredible stupidity.
Sheeta: [to the soldiers] Run, everyone!
Col. Muska: [knocking Sheeta aside] You little brat!
[glares with fiendish glee as he raises the crystal over Black Stone]
Col. Muska: Goodbye! Enjoy the ride!
[Observatory floor opens; General and his soldiers fall to their deaths; Muska laughs maniacally]

Dola: [escorting Sheeta toward the galley] Gotta start talkin' like a real pirate!
Sheeta: [nervously] I've been practicing! Um... Harrrrr, matey! Shiver me timbers!
Dola: [not impressed] Keep practicing...

Dola: All right, me hearty, once you've taken off, you'll have to use the phone to communica...
[a phone rings, Dola answers it]
Sheeta: You mean *this* phone?
Louis: She *is* good...

Col. Muska: [after giving Pazu a moment to speak with Sheeta] Time's up. What is your answer?
Pazu: [whispers to Sheeta] Are you ready?
[drops Dola's grenade launcher as he and Sheeta face Muska calmly]
Pazu, Sheeta: Baluse.

[in the galley; Sheeta is cooking when Louis happens by, standing idly around her]
Louis: Ahem.
Sheeta: Uh, yes? What is it?
Louis: [speechless] Uhm...
Sheeta: Yes?
Louis: [blurts out] I-I-I finished my work for the moment, and I've come to offer you my help.
Sheeta: Well, that's kind of you. Will you hand me those plates over there?
Louis: With pleasure, my little ang...
[scowls when he notices one of his brothers peeling a potato]
Louis: What are YOU doing here?
Pirate: Helping.
Louis: I thought you said you had a stomachache!
Charles: [throwing open the door with a rose in hand] I'm in love with you!
Louis: YOU?
Charles: [sheepishly] Hello.
[later, when all the pirates are helping Sheeta in the galley]
Henri: [entering the room casually] Hi, is there anything I can do?

Sheeta: [Hitting both Charles and Louis in the head with a coal shovel on the train chase] Take that!
Charles: [dazed] That's a strong little girl!
Louis: [groaning] Uh-huh...

Sheeta: [Muska escorts her downstairs to the cellar; she notices a mechanical being lying on the floor] What is it?
Col. Muska: An artificial life-form. It's called a robot. Laputa was just a legend until this dropped from the sky.
[We see a brief illustrated flashback where the robot crashes to the Earth, scattering a pair of farmers. Then we fade back to the robot]
Col. Muska: Now, the government wants *me* to unlock Laputa's secrets. For example, what's this fellow made of, metal or ceramics? With our limited technology, we have no idea. But he DOES tell us one thing. Come and see.
[Sheeta hesitates]
Col. Muska: Oh, don't be afraid, Sheeta. He's really quite dead, you know. Look there.
[Sheeta notices the crest on the robot's casing, and gasps]
Col. Muska: Yes. It's the same emblem that decorates the fireplace in your home... AND your crystal.
[He holds up Sheeta's crystal]
Col. Muska: You see, Sheeta, this crystal *also* comes from Laputa...
[Sheeta is sobbing]
Col. Muska: ... and I believe the powers locked inside it are capable of leading a person back to that city's treasures.
Sheeta: Then why? Why don't you just take it? Just take it, and keep Laputa's treasures for yourself, but leave Pazu and me alone, please!
Col. Muska: [sighing] You *really* are being very silly about this. You think I'm doing this for money? You understand NOTHING! According to the legend, the same technology that kept Laputa airborne also made it a major power that once dominated the entire planet! If such a horrible thing is still floating up there, you can understand what a threat it is to the peace of the world.
[leaning in close]
Col. Muska: Sheeta, this stone *only* works for you. You must know of some way of making the stone point out the location of Laputa.
Sheeta: I really don't know anything. Please, let me see Pazu!
Col. Muska: I don't want to see any harm come to anyone, but I simply can't control what the military might do to him.
Sheeta: What?
Col. Muska: In the event that you cooperate, I'm sure who's ever in charge will grant Pazu his freedom, Lusheeta...
[Sheeta gasps in horror]
Col. Muska: ... Toelle Ul Laputa.
Sheeta: You know my real name...?
Col. Muska: "Ul" means "ruler" in Laputian. "Toelle" means "true". *You* are the legitimate heir to the throne of Laputa, Princess Lusheeta.

Sheeta: [after falling on Pazu from roof] Oh, I'm sorry. Are you all right? Does it hurt much?
Pazu: Hey, if my head was any harder, you could use it as a cannonball.

Col. Muska: [chasing Sheeta through the labyrinth] Sheeta, listen to me. Be reasonable! There's no way you can escape.
Sheeta: [pounding on a door] Please! Open! Please!
Col. Muska: No one can hear you. Only *I* can help you.