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Howard Millhouse (Character)
from "Probe" (1988)

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"Probe: Computer Logic (#1.1)" (1988)
Serendip CEO Howard Millhouse: I won't pay it! I'll cut off my hand first! I'll cut off my arm! One thousand, eight hundred and seventy-five dollars for water? What's he doing in there, recreating the flood? I've had it! You go tell him he's pays this one himself or I am yanking his funds! I am sick and tired of financing the intergalactic daydreams of a president who refuses to spend even one lousy MINUTE managing his own organization!
[notices Mickey Castle's arm in a cast]
Serendip CEO Howard Millhouse: Your arm's broken.
Michelle Castle: Oh, it's nothing, really! Just a dumb accident!
Serendip CEO Howard Millhouse: So what are you waiting for? Go!
[Mickey crashes into something while leaving and starts to clean it up]
Serendip CEO Howard Millhouse: Forget that, go! And don't let him fire you! AND... don't come back without a check or I'LL fire you!
Michelle Castle: [Mickey starts to leave, then stops] Pardon me? Where am I supposed to be going? Where do I find him?
Serendip CEO Howard Millhouse: Where else? The Bat-Cave!