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Lionel Whitney (Character)
from "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe" (1980)

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"Tenspeed and Brown Shoe: The Sixteen Byte Data Chip and the Brown-eyed Fox (#1.6)" (1980)
Cletus: Now, that's the contract. Here's the payment. Sorta non-negotiable.
Lionel Whitney: Non-negotiable? Non-negotiable? All business is based on the premise of negotiation. We have our side and you have yours. What exactly does that mean, non-negotiable?
Cletus: Well, it means if you don't go along, we're going to bury you right here in the alley and mark the spot with a white rock. Then we're gonna kill the girl so that she doesn't go out and hire another guy to check her cover. You boys best take the money and get on outta here.
E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: We'll take the money.

E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: Oh, yeah, by the way, I marked the tire so we could spot it at the hotel.
Lionel Whitney: That's good, E.L., that's really good. We're thinking along the same lines, because I pulled a button off the seat cover.
E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: Oh, boy, we really defaced that car, didn't we? We showed them not to mess with the Whitney Agency.
Lionel Whitney: Darn tootin', that's right.

E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: There, cops! Get their attention.
Lionel Whitney: Cops suck eggs!

"Tenspeed and Brown Shoe: The Millionaire's Life (#1.7)" (1980)
Lionel Whitney: Stop it! I don't want to hear another word!
E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: All I was trying to do was save your business.
Lionel Whitney: Save it? With deceptions and con games and lies?
E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: No, with money.

Lionel Whitney: Maybe we could solve this case.
E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: Yeah.
Lionel Whitney: Maybe we could, as the saying goes, "catching the bad guys."
E.L. 'Tenspeed' Turner: Maybe we could, as the saying goes, "catching a permanent case of rigor mortis."