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Macro (Character)
from "The Odyssey" (1992)

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"The Odyssey: Welcome to the Tower (#1.12)" (1993)
Jay Ziegler: I know you've got Brad locked up. I've got to see him. Right now.
Macro: Right now's not a good time for Brad. He's... busy. Thinking about his future.
Alpha: But people still want Brad.
Jay Ziegler: If they find out what you've done, they'll throw you out.
Macro: You're right. The people are always right. That's why we're gonna make you the new leader
Medea: What?

Fractal: You want to know what we should do with this kid? We should study him. I've seen what's in his head. Now, you may find these results "stunning," even "groundbreaking," but I believe this Jay kid is from... someplace else. A different dimension, if you will. We must analyze his mind if we are to understand the mystery of our own existence. Where did we come from, Macro? Where are we going?
Macro: You lost me.
[to boy giving him a manicure]
Macro: Buff that one more.
Medea: Analyze...? Analyze him? He's bringing our world to an end! We gotta maroon him on an iceberg or something!
Macro: [Macro bangs his gong] Those ideas don't work for me. What does work for me is using this "problem" to our advantage.