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Clarence Beeks (Character)
from Trading Places (1983)

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Trading Places (1983)
Billy Ray: [posing as "Nenge Mboko," an exchange student from Cameroon] Merry New Year!
Beeks: That's "happy." In this country we say "Happy New Year."
Billy Ray: Oh, ho, ho, thank you for correcting my English which stinks!

Beeks: Hey. Back off! I'll rip out your eyes and piss on your brain.

Beeks: This is as far as we go. No more cockamamie cigar smoke. No more Swedish meatballs there, tootsie. And no more phony Irish whiskey. No more goddamn jerky beef! The party's over.
Harvey: The party's over? Hey, come on! What do you mean, the party's over? It's not even... ten o'clock, you dummy! Hey, come on, loosen up, man! It's almost New Year's Eve!