Deputy Chief Tom Matthews
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Deputy Chief Tom Matthews (Character)
from "Dexter" (2006)

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"Dexter: What's Eating Dexter Morgan? (#8.3)" (2013)
Lt. Angel Batista: M.E.'s report is back from the cabin. They've officially ruled Lyle Sussman's death as a suicide. So with that, the Brain Surgeon case is officially closed.
Deputy Chief Tom Matthews: Okay. I'll call Evelyn, thank her for her help.
Vince Masuka: [leaning close and whispering to Det. Miller] "Evelyn"? Someone's got a high hard one for the good doctor.
Det. Angie Miller: What did I say about standing too close?
Deputy Chief Tom Matthews: Any progress on that El Sapo shooting?
Lt. Angel Batista: Still no leads. I've been going back and forth with Ft. Lauderdale P.D. Apparently, El Sapo was a suspect in the stabbing of a smash-and-grab lowlife by the name of Andrew Briggs.
Dexter Morgan: [thinking] The cops will never find out that Deb killed El Sapo. So right now, I can focus on protecting Vogel... and myself.
[on his iPhone 4S, Dexter launches the FriendZone app and searches for... ]
Dexter Morgan: [thinking] Ron Galuzzo. He could be hunting me right now.
[Dexter follows a link from Galuzzo's profile field for Occupation to the Work Out City website]
Dexter Morgan: [thinking] Or he could be selling fitness equipment at the mall.
Lt. Angel Batista: Good work today, everyone.

"Dexter: Hello, Dexter Morgan (#4.11)" (2009)
Lt. Maria LaGuerta: This isn't the first time that you and I have squared-off. So what exactly is your beef with me? My gender? My race? What?
Deputy Chief Tom Matthews: Your arrogance.

"Dexter: Shrink Wrap (#1.8)" (2006)
Dexter Morgan: What can I do for you?
Lt. Maria Laguerta: So many things. I need the blood spatter report on Vanessa Gale.
Dexter Morgan: Blood spatter's inconclusive. All I can tell is she was shot at close range. I wish I had more for you.
Lt. Maria Laguerta: Mm. Me, too.
[Captain Matthews appears in the doorway and shouts at Maria]
Captain Tom Matthews: Maria! The D.A. needs the work-sheet for the Ice Truck Killer case.
Lt. Maria Laguerta: I'm working on it.
Lt. Maria Laguerta: When did you talk to the D.A.?
Captain Tom Matthews: Oh, we had dinner last night. Mayor Allen took us out to celebrate Neil Perry's arrest. Hell of a good time.
Lt. Maria Laguerta: [She gives him a fake smile as he leaves and murmurs something including the word "puta."] I'm the one who get Perry to confess, and he's got the Mayor kissing his ass.
Dexter Morgan: I wouldn't be too upset. Matthews will be the one with the egg on his face soon enough.
Lt. Maria Laguerta: [softly] You still believe we got the wrong guy?
Dexter Morgan: Perry's a pretender to the throne. The real king is still out there, and he'll kill again. It's just a matter of time.

"Dexter: The British Invasion (#2.12)" (2007)
Captain Tom Matthews: [to Dexter] We received a phone call from a woman who claims to have vital information on the Bay Harbor Butcher.