Valerie Cherish
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Valerie Cherish (Character)
from "The Comeback" (2005)

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"The Comeback: Valerie Gets a Very Special Episode (#1.7)" (2005)
Valerie Cherish: [Mickey shows her a photo of his lover] What's this? Oh, that's your Robert? Oh my gosh. I didn't even recognize him. How old is this picture?
Mickey Deane: In case you don't get Selleck.
Valerie Cherish: Well...
Mickey Deane: All these years, I've never asked, Red.
Valerie Cherish: Now I know. I think, you know... they really wanna get a name.
Mickey Deane: Well, keep him in mind.
Valerie Cherish: Okay.
Mickey Deane: He's perfect for the role of Big Dick... if you get my drift.
Valerie Cherish: You know that overhead camera? Its probably on.
[Mickey looks up at the hidden camera with a mortified look on his face]

Valerie Cherish: Jane, how great would it be to have Tom Selleck on "The Comeback"? Huh? Oh, yeah. Okay, so, Sharon, lets get Tom Selleck.
Sharon: Great.
Valerie Cherish: Yeah!
Tom Peterman: Yeah, Val, I don't think we can get Tom Selleck.
Valerie Cherish: Well, of course we can't. Not without a personal call, but I think I can handle that.
Tom Peterman: Oh, you know Tom Selleck?
Valerie Cherish: Oh yeah, surel Yeah. I did a "Magnum P.I." back when I was just starting out. Played his godchild.
Sharon: Long time ago.
Valerie Cherish: I know. Oh wait, I'm wrong. My bad. That's wrong. I played a teen hooker on "Magnum P.I." I played Remington Steele's godchild. It was the same year, so.

"The Comeback: Valerie Demands Dignity (#1.5)" (2005)
Valerie Cherish: [about a pornographic video entitled "Ladies Loving Ladies 5" found in the bedroom] All right, look, I'm glad we cleared all this up, good, yeah, 'cause, you know this show, is not about, you know, "Ladies Loving Ladies" - it's about, you know, this lady loving this lady. You know, so... good.

"The Comeback: Valerie Bonds with the Cast (#1.3)" (2005)
Valerie Cherish: [after seeing a woman giving oral sex] Good luck trying to get her to sign a release.

"The Comeback: Valerie Relaxes in Palm Springs (#1.8)" (2005)
Valerie Cherish: [when asked for her drink order at a hip Palm Springs resort] I'll have an Angie Dickinson...
Waiter: A who?

"The Comeback: Valerie Is Taken Seriously (#2.5)" (2014)
Valerie Cherish: Billy, listen... don't cry at work. It's not professional.