Dr. Helen Magnus
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Dr. Helen Magnus (Character)
from "Sanctuary" (2008)

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"Sanctuary: Next Tuesday (#2.8)" (2009)
Dr. Helen Magnus: Any landing you can swim away from.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: What is it with you and flying, anyway?
Dr. Helen Magnus: Two crashes in 158 years? That's not bad.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: They only invented flying 110 years ago, so...

Dr. Will Zimmerman: You must have been stranded at sea before.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Only once. April 14, 1912.

Dr. Will Zimmerman: So uh, the Titanic?
Dr. Helen Magnus: I was fished out of the water by Molly Brown. She pulled me into a life raft. I was very lucky.

"Sanctuary: Revelations, Part 1 (#1.12)" (2008)
Dr. Helen Magnus: [to John Druitt] Forgive my skepticism, John, but your history of altruism is just behind a scorpion's.

Dr. James Watson: [Having just arrived at the sanctuary] Now, I will need help. I have a driver and a truck at the loading dock. I brought some things.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Things?
Dr. James Watson: Corpses, Helen. You didn't expect me to arrive without a gift, did you?

Dr. Helen Magnus: Suck it up, Jimmy. We're going to India.

"Sanctuary: Sleepers (#2.10)" (2009)
Nikola Tesla: It's just my soul crushing depression talking. I am not myself.
Dr. Helen Magnus: On the contrary you are your real self again. Human. Mortal.
Nikola Tesla: Watch your language.
Dr. Helen Magnus: I'm sorry, Nicola, but its true. I've tried everything I could think of. There is simply no way to re-vamp you.
Nikola Tesla: You see how this puts a crimp in my plans for world domination. Not to say that I won't keep trying.
Dr. Helen Magnus: I would expect nothing less.
Nikola Tesla: Very well. If this is to be a wake, then lets do it properly. Join me in a toast. To happier times to those Halcyon times of blood lust now gone. Plus you got to admit vampires are just plain cool.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Amen.
Nikola Tesla: Here's to the glorious vampire race. Once mighty, now extinct.

Dr. Helen Magnus: Besides, we don't want to kill them. We want to help them.
Kate Freelander: [pause] No, I'm thinking kill them.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Yeah. Trust fund vampires? I'm thinking she's right.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Granted, but it wasn't their choice. They may be rich, spoiled, insolent children, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't save them.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Terrible sales pitch.

Kate Freelander: If we ever get out of this alive, I'll kill him!
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Me first.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Both of you; back of the line!

"Sanctuary: Sanctuary for All: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2008)
Dr. Helen Magnus: We have a dual obligation: to study the miraculous and to protect against the perilous.

Dr. Helen Magnus: This will be a very illuminating evening.

"Sanctuary: Requiem (#1.9)" (2008)
Dr. Helen Magnus: [while being stuck in a submarine underwater] I'm frustrated.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Why? Because we can't surface?
Dr. Helen Magnus: Because I can't relate to Ashley!
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Well, she's 23. No species on earth can relate to people that age.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Spare me the platitudes. You've no idea what it's been like.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Which is why I ask the questions that I do.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Why? Because you see me as some sort of curiosity? Some perverse form of entertainment for you to enjoy?
Dr. Will Zimmerman: No, not at all. It's because I've never had this before - a challenge, a mentor that I could really believe in.

"Sanctuary: Bank Job (#3.3)" (2010)
[last lines]
Dr. Helen Magnus: You handled yourself really well.
Kate Freelander: Holding up the bank? It's nothing I haven't done before.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Nevertheless, you did a good job.
Kate Freelander: You could've taken over anytime, but you let me run with it.
Dr. Helen Magnus: You had it covered, right down to the empty gun in your waistband. Very clever.
Kate Freelander: Thanks.
Dr. Helen Magnus: There's just one thing that bothers me.
Kate Freelander: What's that?
Dr. Helen Magnus: All that money, and you didn't even take any.
Kate Freelander: [looking down] I...
Dr. Helen Magnus: Isn't that depressing?
Kate Freelander: [both smiling] Terribly.

"Sanctuary: Animus (#3.6)" (2010)
Dr. Helen Magnus: Go. Fix my house.
Nikola Tesla: What am I, your house elf?
Dr. Helen Magnus: Thank you, Dobby!

"Sanctuary: Warriors (#1.10)" (2008)
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Okay, favorite album.
Ashley Magnus: Nevermind.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: What, is it that personal?
Ashley Magnus: [laughing] No, Nevermind, Nirvana.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Oh.
Ashley Magnus: You?
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Joshua Tree, obviously.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Sgt. Pepper, and Rhapsody In Blue.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: That's two.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Over the course of two lifetimes. Gershwin played it for me while he was writing it.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: And no doubt you've watched the sun come up with the Beatles.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Just one of them.

"Sanctuary: Trail of Blood (#3.4)" (2010)
Dr. Will Zimmerman: It's a set-up, Magnus, a trap. That's what he does, how he rolls, his modus operandi.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Yes... What if he's posing as the king of a lost mountain tribe and he wants me for his queen? Or what if he actually needs our help?
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Fine. I'll get my stuff together. The man comes with a hidden agenda, every time. Every time!
Dr. Helen Magnus: That's what makes him so interesting.

"Sanctuary: Metamorphosis (#3.14)" (2011)
Dr. Helen Magnus: There you are. How do you feel?
Dr. Will Zimmerman: My, ugh, my throat hurts.
Dr. Helen Magnus: It's only been a few days. It'll take a while before your recovery is complete. On the positive side, this will do wonders for your Bruce Willis impression.
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Jokes... That's a good sign.

"Sanctuary: Instinct (#1.11)" (2008)
Zach Spencer: It looks like a giant cockroach or something.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Gorgeous, isn't it?
Zach Spencer: Yeah.
Dr. Helen Magnus: The theoretical name is Blattella asahinai sapien, an extremely rare species found on islands off the coast of Japan and Korea.

"Sanctuary: End of Nights: Part 1 (#2.1)" (2009)
Assam: [Tastes a worm] Highest quality. You must be desperate indeed.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Desperate was last month. This month means breathing the same air as people like you.

"Sanctuary: Haunted (#2.11)" (2010)
John Druitt: I need to leave now.
Dr. Helen Magnus: Where are you going?
John Druitt: [smiling] I have no destination in mind.

"Sanctuary: Hangover (#3.12)" (2011)
Dr. Helen Magnus: [after almost having a heavy object fall on her] Bloody Hell!

"Sanctuary: Firewall (#3.2)" (2010)
Dr. Helen Magnus: [Having just neutralized two of the intruders] Are you alright?
Dr. Will Zimmerman: Are you kidding? I love being the bait!

"Sanctuary: Eulogy (#2.3)" (2009)
Dr. Helen Magnus: Stop doting on me. It makes my teeth itch.
Bigfoot: Mine too. Now, eat.

"Sanctuary: Episode #1.1" (2007)
Dr. Helen Magnus: Open your eyes. Good doctors come and go. But the really great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable.

"Sanctuary: Awakening (#3.16)" (2011)
Nikola Tesla: Look at her. Perfectly preserved, like an insect in amber.
Dr. Helen Magnus: They must have mastered crystal replication on an atomic level.
Nikola Tesla: Oh, don't sound so surprised. These are vampires we're talking about, after all. Every advance we've seen in our lifetimes, nothing but a pathetic attempt to recreate what my race achieved before the humans even left the caves. Just leave me here among vampire royalty, my only peers.
Dr. Helen Magnus: I have a better idea.

"Sanctuary: Breach (#3.7)" (2010)
[last lines]
Dr. Helen Magnus: Oh, we're in trouble.