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Grace Ryan (Character)
from "Frisky Dingo" (2006)

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"Frisky Dingo: Meet Awesome-X (#1.2)" (2006)
Grace Ryan: What are you doing here?
Xander Crews: [in disguise as Awsome-X] Xander Crews said I could use his place for this... hooker.
Grace Ryan: You know him?
Xander Crews: We went to college together, no we didn't. He will meet you at your place in one hour.
Grace Ryan: I, um... I just, um...
Grace Ryan: No time woman! He despises tardiness.

Grace Ryan: ...Maybe finally unfreezing some of your sperm.
Xander Crews: When did you freeze my sperm?
Grace Ryan: Oh, I always do that.

"Frisky Dingo: Kidnapped! (#1.5)" (2006)
[Xander and Stan are being held hostage atop the Annihilatrix.]
Grace Ryan: Baby! What are you doing up here?
Xander Crews: Casper the mumbly fuckin' Ghost kidnapped me!
Stan: Us! Double kidnapping.
Stan: Simon! You did this all by yourself?
Simon: [mumbles]
Killface: [hugging Simon] Come over her and hug Papa's neck!
Xander Crews: That's your son?
Stan: Huh, he is a he.
Killface: Oh, I'm so proud of you! We'll go split a half-pint of lager and watch Cinemax all night.
Xander Crews: Well, you can forget bein' an action figure!
Killface: Sorry, what?
Stan: Can we just forget the whole action-figure conceit? Please?
Killface: [pointing a gun at Xander's head] Xander Crews! I demand a ransom of Twelve Billion Dollars!
Xander Crews: Oh, terrific!
Xtacle: [two Xtacles land on the platform, point their guns at Killface, and knock his gun away] He's not paying you a dime, Killface!
Xander Crews: Yeah!
Xtacle: [a third Xtacle lands and points his gun at Xander's head] Cuz dead men don't pay ransom!
Xander Crews: No! Guys! Hey, woaw!
Hotel Waiter: [coming up the elevator to the platform] Not so fast, Xtacles!
Stan: Aw, come on!
Hotel Waiter: He's mine!
Xander Crews: What the...?
Grace Ryan: Oh my God...
Killface: Going to freak out now...

Grace Ryan: This is Grace Ryan, Force 10 News, dangling, helplessly, from high atop the Annihilatrix. My microphone now literally a lifeline, because if I fall, I will drop right into what appear to be superintelligent, radioactive waste-covered ants.
Cameraman: ...Oh, God. Please fall.
Sinn: [narrating] Next time, on Frisky Dingo.
Killface: Oh, my God, she fell.

"Frisky Dingo: Blind Faith (#1.8)" (2006)
Xander Crews: Hi... Fun-bags, I'm Xander. Where's my idiot girlfriend?
Grace Ryan: Hiyaw!
Xander Crews: [Antagony punches Xander in the face. Xander flies across the lawn into a car] Ahhh! Ugh.
Grace Ryan: Grace Ryan is dead! And now you, Xander Crews, shall join her in... being dead.
Xander Crews: Who even are you?
Grace Ryan: My name is Antagony!
Xander Crews: [awkward pause] Really?