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Quotes for
Sinn (Character)
from "Frisky Dingo" (2006)

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"Frisky Dingo: Kidnapped! (#1.5)" (2006)
Killface: What are you doing?
Sinn: What?
Killface: You're getting pretty for the crab man!
Sinn: No, no, no...
Killface: Yes you are!
Phillip: Hey? Is that Crews?
Killface: [to Phil] Shut up!
[to Sinn]
Killface: You want to marry him and have little crab babies and live happily ever after in your clam shell under the sea. And you'll say, "Oh, I know. Let's have that lovely Sponge Bob over for shish kabobs some night... And Patrick."

[a taxi has parked in Killface's reserved space at the Annihilatrix construction site.]
Sinn: I don't believe it! You didn't kill the taxi driver?
Killface: No. You know, I was, but I think it's hard enough on the Arabs in this beastly country right now, so I-
Sinn: I don't think he's Arab...
Phillip: No, I'm pretty sure that guy is Filipino...
Killface: Oh, well then...
[Killface shoots the taxi driver.]
Killface: London calling!

Grace Ryan: This is Grace Ryan, Force 10 News, dangling, helplessly, from high atop the Annihilatrix. My microphone now literally a lifeline, because if I fall, I will drop right into what appear to be superintelligent, radioactive waste-covered ants.
Cameraman: ...Oh, God. Please fall.
Sinn: [narrating] Next time, on Frisky Dingo.
Killface: Oh, my God, she fell.

"Frisky Dingo: XPO (#1.4)" (2006)
Sinn: Perhaps you could get something for it at the local pawnbrokery.
Killface: Sinn, that's bloody brilliant. Hocking this fax machine is sure to bring in the 12 billion I need to complete the Annihilatrix. You're really really really really really really really really smart!
Killface: And pretty.