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Jason Chun (Character)
from "Cashmere Mafia" (2008)

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"Cashmere Mafia: Dog Eat Dog (#1.7)" (2008)
Mia Mason: I think that we should be in each others' systems, right from the start. You know? Like, we want to be with each other all the time.
Jason Chung: So, what are you saying?
Mia Mason: I'm saying that yes, I agree with you. It's a little weird that I'm so obsessed with this dog.
Jason Chung: Okay, good...
Mia Mason: But, it feels so great to be crazy about someone you just met. And frankly, I don't think that we feel that way about each other.
Jason Chung: I don't know if I've ever felt that way about anyone.
Mia Mason: Well, you will. I think this is goodnight, Jason.

"Cashmere Mafia: Stay with Me (#1.5)" (2008)
Jason Chung: Is Jack going to be there?
Mia Mason: [laughs] No.
Jason Chung: Any other old boyfriends?
Mia Mason: No. Just my closest girlfriends.
Jason Chung: Anything else I need to know?
Mia Mason: It's a dinner, not a procedure.
Jason Chung: Everything's a procedure.