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Diana St. Cloud (Character)
from "Quantum Leap" (1989)

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"Quantum Leap: Liberation - October 16, 1968 (#5.13)" (1993)
Diana St. Cloud: In marriage, husbands and wives are one; and that one is the husband.
Suzanne Sanders: Diana, I just don't understand. How did we let it get that way?
Diana St. Cloud: Fear.
Suzanne Sanders: Of what?
Diana St. Cloud: Well, mine started with my father, who used to beat me.
Suzanne Sanders: Really?
Diana St. Cloud: And when he wasn't hitting me, he would tell me I was stupid, and brainless. And my mother allowed it, because she was so afraid she wouldn't be able to survive alone.
Suzanne Sanders: I can't believe anyone would hit their own child.
Diana St. Cloud: Well, I guess by putting me down, my father was making himself feel smarter and stronger.
Suzanne Sanders: But that's wrong.
Diana St. Cloud: I know. Suzi, men have been oppressing women for thousands of years, and we've allowed it.
Suzanne Sanders: Well, I'm not gonna allow it.
Diana St. Cloud: We allow it. And every time we tell our daughters they're not as bright, not as strong, not as good as men, every time, we're creating another generation of fear.

[Diana has suggested a violent confrontation against the male society]
Dr. Sam Beckett: I understand that you cannot match strength in a physical confrontation.
Diana St. Cloud: Unless we fight, nothing will change.
Dr. Sam Beckett: Fine. Fine, then fight them in the boardrooms, not in a street brawl. You wanna make a change? Take a lesson from Gandhi.
Admiral Al Calavicci: Or King.
Dr. Sam Beckett: Or Martin Luther King. You go out and start a riot, and people will only notice what's wrong about you. But you state your beliefs in an orderly fashion, and people will notice what's wrong about the system.