Dr. Craig 'Huff' Huffstodt
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Dr. Craig 'Huff' Huffstodt (Character)
from "Huff" (2004)

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"Huff: A Cornfield Grows in L.A. (#2.8)" (2006)
Dr. Craig 'Huff' Huffstodt: You know when you're so excited by someone that you just... your heart gets really slow and your breath gets really still, it's like you can't breathe? It was like that... restless and calm at the same time. That has completely passed away, it's just gone. It feels like death.I don't know... have I created that?

"Huff: So... What Brings You to Armageddon? (#2.7)" (2006)
Ben Huffstodt: I'm sorry?
Dr. Craig 'Huff' Huffstodt: Careful, dad. People might think you're apologizing.
Isabelle 'Izzy' Huffstodt: That word is not in his vocabulary. What is it this time, Ben? Money? You need money? I'll write you a check, huh? Oh yeah, what am I thinking? Silly me. It's Ben Huffstodt. I'll probably have to go to the bank and get a sachel of unmarked bills.
Ben Huffstodt: That's it Isabel, drink up.
Isabelle 'Izzy' Huffstodt: You're not hearing me, Ben. I'll pay you to leave. All you have to do is pack up your crummy little duffle. I'm sure that someone in this house would be more than happy to take you to the airport.
Ben Huffstodt: It's not that simple.
Isabelle 'Izzy' Huffstodt: No, of course it's not that simple. You're involved. Huh. You show up unexpectedly for the umpeenth time with some lame excuse, "Oh yeah, this time it has to do with Teddy. I have to talk to Teddy. I have to make amends with Teddy. I have 10 hours to talk to Teddy. Please, Craig, please. Take me to Teddy." Well, you've made your amends. And I think that's very good. Mission accomplished. But he's still sick isn't he? And he will always remember you as hateful no matter what you say to him.
Ben Huffstodt: You weren't there. You don't know.
Isabelle 'Izzy' Huffstodt: Why is it that you've never finished anything in your life? You most certainly never finished with me. You didin't finish with your children. You can't even finish leaving. You're nothing but a sunset, Ben. A long, drawn out sunset. Teddy got sick and you left. I had a break down and you left. Craig begged you to stay and you left. Mmhm. But you know it wasn't just the leaving because people leave people every day. It's the way you left. You left real shitty. Guess what, Mister? Sargent? Captain, lieutenant, special forces whore-monger, or whatever you are this week. We survived very well without you. Yeah. Are we screwed up? You bet your ass we're screwed up. Do we love each other? Oh, you bet your ass we love each other. Even though we practically kill each other trying to show it. Can you hear me, Ben? We don't need you here. We don't want you here. You said you were leaving, for once in your life, why don't you finish something. Hm? Let the goddamned sun set and leave.