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Quotes for
Joe (Character)
from Land of the Blind (2006)

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Land of the Blind (2006)
Thorne: I didn't come to violence casually, you know. But you get to a point where you have no choice but to take up arms against your oppressors.
Joe: True, but under Maximillian's rule we don't kill innocent bystanders
Thorne: Nobody standing by is innocent.

Joe: I know that I have done questionable things, but my role in the assassination of the president is one that even now I cannot say I entirely regret.

Joe: I met Mr. Thorne in the last days of the empire, but no one knew then that they were the last days.

Joe: How do you remember it all like that, word for word?
Thorne: My entertainment options are kind of limited.
Joe: Have you memorized anything else?
Thorne: Shakespeare, books of the Bible...

Joe: Don't do this to yourself.
Thorne: I didn't know it was self-inflicted.

Thorne: Hello Joe.
Joe: I didn't think you'd remember me, sir.
Thorne: Look at you, they made you an officer.
Joe: Yes sir. And I got married too.
Thorne: Congratulations.

[repeated line]
Joe: Nothing better than a big, juicy steak.

Joe: People are being sent to the re-education camps because they wear glasses! Children are rewarded for turning their parents into the secret police!

Joe: [about Thorne's condition] You should see a doctor. Oops, sent them all to the re-education camps.
Thorne: Oh don't be infantile! We're trying to build a new society!

Joe: They say I am a war criminal, but everything I did, I did for my country.

Joe: This wasn't my first choice.
Thorne: You wanna go fight terrorists?
Joe: Yes, sir.
Thorne: You don't approve of what we do?
Joe: Officially, sir, I have no opinion.
Thorne: Then you should look into getting one.

Joe: I thought you said you'd never live in this gingerbread monstrosity.
Thorne: Tell me about it. But I'm working all the time, it was easier for me to live here.
Joe: Running a revolution keeps you busy huh?
Thorne: You know it's nearly a full-time job. Give me just a minute will you?
[Goes onto the computer at the desk]
Thorne: You know I don't know how anybody wrote anything before there were computers. Can you imagine the struggle that Dickens or Tolstoy must have gone through writing those nine hundred-page novels with a pen?
Joe: As far as I recall, you once wrote with even less.

Joe: How far does a man have to go to be thought so dangerous that he needs to be locked away, physically separated from the rest of the world, behind stone walls and iron bars? Clearly, it is a last resort.

Joe: From the start, Junior ruled in the shadow of his late father. Papa Max had been a Grade A son of a bitch if ever there was one. Who would have thought we would look back on his reign as the good old days?

Joe: For all his brutality, Papa Max was clever enough to make us believe that his tyranny was for our benefit. Junior, on the other hand, had been born day-old stupid and had been losing ground ever since.

Thorne: We all gave up something for a better world.
Joe: You gave up your son.

Thorne: D'you ever hear about the Oracle that warned Papa Max that one day his wife was gonna give birth to a son who was gonna kill him and destroy the empire?
Joe: Yeah. I heard that.
Thorne: And they wonder why Junior is a psychopath! You would be too if your father tried to stick a coat-hanger through your head when you were a fetus.

Doc: So are you going to do yourself a favour and sign the loyalty oath?
Joe: No.
Doc: I 'm a man of science Joe, and all this revolutionary mumbo-jumbo; I was hired to employ the scientific method. My job right now is to uncover the root of this conspiracy based on the evidence.
Joe: You have evidence?
Doc: No, that's how I know there's a conspiracy.
Joe: What?
Doc: If there wasn't a conspiracy there would be evidence, that's how effective the conspiracy is.

Joe: Before the revolution: Man oppressed Man. Now it's the other way 'round