Marcy Runkle
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Marcy Runkle (Character)
from "Californication" (2007)

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"Californication: The Last Supper (#4.11)" (2011)
Marcy Runkle: You remember the time though, when we went to Santa Barbara, and Mr. Anally Fixated over here got us kicked out of the hotel pool?

Charlie Runkle: I cannot speak of such things in front of the young lady.
Marcy Runkle: Why? She knows what a disgusting perv you are.
Becca Moody: I do. I made peace with it a long time ago. It doesn't mean you're not a nice man.

"Californication: Girls, Interrupted (#1.7)" (2007)
[about having sex with Karen]
Marcy Runkle: I don't want to go where Hank has been. I mean, he probably left booby-traps up there like the Vietcong.

Marcy Runkle: What is a marriage if not an opportunity to mock someone through thick and thin while simultaneously exploring your deepest, darkest sexual desires?

"Californication: The Devil's Threesome (#1.10)" (2007)
Marcy Runkle: It's like disconnecting a bomb. I mean, there's all these wires and all down there, who knows which one you're supposed to cross, or pull... plus: the studies show that the female orgasm is like 99% mental - who has time for that!
Karen: OK, so - so that's good. So you want to go back to the 4-minute gruntfest thing, like in-out, done...
Marcy Runkle: Yeah
Karen: So you're done with the uh - the lesbetarian experiment...
Marcy Runkle: The grass is always greener, you know?
Karen: Uh-huh
Marcy Runkle: Isn't that how you got engaged to be buried?

Karen: It's a Canadian diamond.
Marcy: Are they good with the diamonds, the Canadians? I thought just the bacon.

"Californication: LOL (#1.5)" (2007)
Marcy Runkle: You can have the ass if you want.
Charlie Runkle: You can keep it.

"Californication: Another Perfect Day (#4.9)" (2011)
Marcy Runkle: You're dating our realter?
Charlie Runkle: If by dating you mean entering her on a semi-regular basis, then yes.
Marcy Runkle: Delightful. I'm so glad to hear the slut-parade continues.

"Californication: Monkey Business (#4.4)" (2011)
Marcy Runkle: Did you see those hideous fucking creatures downstairs? I don't want one of those!