Carter Grayson
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Carter Grayson (Character)
from "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue" (2000)

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Power Rangers in 3D: Triple Force (2000) (V)
Carter Grayson: Why do you always have to be the center of attention?
Joel Rawlings: Well, I don't have to be. It's that I usually am.

[seeing Heather crying]
Carter Grayson: Hey. It can't be all that bad.

Carter Grayson: Lost Galaxy Rangers? No way.
Kai Chen: Yeah, that's us.

Triskull: Don't you pathetic Rangers know when you've lost?
Leo Corbett: We've come this far. We're not giving up now. Right, Carter?
Carter Grayson: You got that right, Leo. Let's show this freak what red's all about.

[Leo and Carter are surrounded by Ghouls]
Carter Grayson: Where's the cavalry when you really need it?
[the Green and Pink Galaxy Ranger arrive in time and saves them]
Damon Henderson: You called?

"Power Rangers Wild Force: Forever Red (#1.34)" (2002)
Cole: Wow. So that was Tommy? He really is the greatest Ranger.
[The others scoff and laugh]
Cole: What did I say?
T.J.: Well, I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one who replaced him.
Jason: Are you kidding me? I was doing all the work while he was at the juice bar kissing on Kimberly.
Carter: Alright, well, at least his haircut's regulation now. Right?
Eric: My Q-Rex would eat his Dragon Zord for lunch.
Leo: He didn't discover lost galaxies!
Wes: Hey, wait, wait, wait wait. I changed history. So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?
Andros: Hey! I saved two worlds! What about that?
T.J.: Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait! Did I ever you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?

Jason: It's morphin time!
[transforms into the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger]
Jason: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!
Tommy: It's morphin time!
[transforms into the Red Zeo Ranger]
Tommy: Red Zeo Ranger! Hyah!
T.J.: Shift into Turbo!
[transforms into the Red Turbo Ranger]
T.J.: Red Turbo Ranger!
Andros: Let's rocket!
[transforms into the Red Space Ranger]
Andros: Red Space Ranger!
Leo: Go Galactic!
[transforms into the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger]
Leo: Go Galactic!
Carter: Lightspeed Rescue!
[transforms into the Red Lightspeed Ranger]
Carter: Red Lightspeed Ranger!
Wes: Time for, Time Force!
[transforms into the Red Time Force Ranger]
Eric: Quantum Power!
[transforms into the Quantum Ranger]
Eric: Quantum Ranger!
Cole: Wild Access!
[transforms into the Red Wild Force Ranger]
Cole: Red Wild Force Ranger
Aurico: Red Alien Ranger!

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Titanium Ranger: Curse of the Cobra (2000) (V)
Captain Mitchell: I'd like to propose a toast. Here's to Mariner Bay. As of now, the safest city in the...
[alarm sounds]
Carter Grayson: That's a drill, right?
Captain Mitchell: We don't have drills.

"Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: Lightspeed Teamwork (#1.2)" (2000)
Ms. Angela Fairweather: So how'd the uh top secret mission go?
Joel Rawlings: Oh fine. That is until some expert tried to tell me how to fly.
Ms. Angela Fairweather: An expert?
Joel Rawlings: Some dilitron designer, tries to tell me how much power my Zord has. Like I need advice from a computer geek.
Ms. Angela Fairweather: Fine! The next time the "Sky Cowboy" wants to overload his engines and EXPLODE! THIS DILITRONIC COMPUTER GEEK WILL JUST LET HIM!
[leaves the room. Joel notices the other rangers laughing and joins them]
Joel Rawlings: She designed - ?
Carter Grayson: [chuckling] Everything.
Dana Mitchell: From our morphers to our Zords.

"Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: Trakeena's Revenge: Part 1 (#1.29)" (2000)
Carter: Why do you always have to be the center of attention?
Joel Rawlings: Well, I don't have to be. It's that I usually am.