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Calpurnia (Character)
from Julius Caesar (1953)

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Caesar (2002) (TV)
Caesar: Cleopatra rules a large part of Africa.
Calpurnia: And ALL of you!

Calpurnia: I have no dignity left. Perhaps I ought to buy some.

"Rome: Passover (#2.1)" (2007)
[Servilia comes to play respects to Caesar's body]
Calpurnia: Show her what she's done.

"I, Claudius: Hail Who? (#1.10)" (1976)
[first lines]
[Claudius receives a letter with a small box]
Claudius: It's from Herod.
Calpurnia: What does he say?
Claudius: Oh, it's written from J-Jerusalem.
Calpurnia: Read it to me; his letters are so amusing.
Claudius: [reading] "My dear old friend, what is all this I hear about your living in three rooms in the p-poor quarter of town? Is it serious?"
[Calpurnia laughs]
Claudius: "Why did you not write to me? Is it that absurd p-pride of yours? Well, I shall attend to that shortly. Meanwhile, knowing how loath you are to accept m-money, and being the only practical friend you ever had, I enclose a little p-present for you. Please make proper use of it. Herod."
Calpurnia: What is it? It seems very small.
Claudius: Hnh, I don't know.
[Claudius opens the box. It is a set of four dice]
Calpurnia: Well, I don't think that's very generous.
[Claudius shakes the dice and rolls them - twenty-four, all sixes]
Calpurnia: Venus! Oh, Claudius, I think your luck is changing.
[Claudius rolls them again - all sixes again]
Calpurnia: I'm sure it's an omen.
[a third time - all sixes yet again]
Calpurnia: Those dice are crooked. You can't possibly use them.
[Claudius rolls them a fourth time. They both break up laughing]
Claudius: Ah, dear Herod. How I miss him.