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Heihachi Mishima (Character)
from Tekken (1994) (VG)

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Tekken (2010)
[after being ordered by Kazuya to execute Heihachi, a Jack soldier brings Heihachi inside a cage in a warehouse and has him kneel while pointing his gun at him]
Heihachi Mishima: I am Mishima Heihachi. I am Tekken. You will obey.
[the Jack unit lowers his gun and stands at attention]

Heihachi Mishima: Fathered through discipline. Peace through grace. These are the goals demonstrated each year in the Iron Fist tournament. As reigning champion over the past four years, we are honored to host the Iron Fist tournament in Tekken City. Strength through order. That is Tekken.

Heihachi Mishima: You will regret this!

Heihachi Mishima: I knew your mother, Jun Kazama.
[as Jin sit up]
Heihachi Mishima: Formidable fighter. One of Tekken's best.
Jin Kazama: My mother tried to keep me away from Tekken... now I know why.
Heihachi Mishima: Do not judge all of Tekken by Kazuya's mistakes.
Jin Kazama: Mistakes? Tekken destroys lives.
Heihachi Mishima: I created Tekken, not only as a corporation, but as a mean to stem the chaos. We are making a world raising it from the ashes
Jin Kazama: You tell that to the people who are dying everyday in Anvil.
Heihachi Mishima: We brought humanity and restored order. Tekken is peace!
Jin Kazama: Tekken is fear! My mother's blood is in your hands, Mishima!
Heihachi Mishima: I saved your mother's life.
Jin Kazama: [standing up] What the hell are you talking about?
Heihachi Mishima: Many years ago, after the tournament, I found her beaten, violated. I'm the one that had taken her from Tekken City... There was a sadistic part of him that I could never control.
Jin Kazama: Who?
Heihachi Mishima: Kazuya, my son... your father.
Jin Kazama: You're lying!
Heihachi Mishima: [grabs Jin and push him down] Until today, there was only one heir to the Tekken throne. Now there are two.

Heihachi Mishima: There is no honor in this.
Kazuya: You are about to witness the death of Jin Kazama.
Heihachi Mishima: Kazama?
Kazuya: Apparently, the byproduct of one of my youthful indiscretion.
Heihachi Mishima: You have a son?
Kazuya: I had a son.

Kazuya: What? You thought I do nothing. Tekken belongs to me.
Heihachi Mishima: You never understood the spirit of Tekken. That's why I couldn't put Tekken in your hands.
Kazuya: Tekken is in my hands, old man. Don't you see, it's over for you now.
Heihachi Mishima: [walks closer to Kazuya] It's not about me or you. It's about the Mishima name in you have not lift up to and that's why in the end , you will fail.
Kazuya: Take Heihachi Mishima away. Destroy everything and including him.
Heihachi Mishima: [Jacks try to escort him by grabbing his arm but he takes his arms away from them but escort until the execution starts by Jack pointing the gun at Heihachi] I am Mishima Heihachi. I AM TEKKEN!
Kazuya: [walking away from the explosion on Heihachi's execution] Heihachi Mishima is dead.

Tekken: The Motion Picture (1998) (V)
Heihachi Mishima: [to Kazuya] Lions push their cubs over a cliff and raise only the ones that climb back up.

Jun Kazama: I don't understand it. Why would someone as powerful as you throw your own son into the canyon? And why are you now flooding the world with weapons and planning its destruction? Why is the world your enemy and not your own hatred?
Heihachi Mishima: Hm. Then tell me what you consider justice.
Jun Kazama: Justice?
Heihachi Mishima: Rationale is a better word. Is the truth your rationale for living life like you do?
Jun Kazama: What do you mean?
Heihachi Mishima: Just this: words like "justice" and "truth" are empty concepts that have led societies through cancerous histories. Through the ages, those who have blindly believed in these absolute truths have fought and died over empty platitudes. Today, you'll find people mistaking their own greed for truth, and eating the planet out from under them and condemning themselves to total annihilation, chanting their democracy and their freedom as though they were a religion. They're cheerfully justifying their journey towards self-destruction.
Jun Kazama: But how does any of that justify the way you've lived your life?
Heihachi Mishima: Don't you get it? The only way to truly salvage this disgusting world is to DESTROY everything on it so a new world can be rebuilt!
Jun Kazama: You monster! You threw your son into the canyon specifically to place that dark hatred in his heart! You've groomed the perfect successor for your plans of carnage and genocide!
Heihachi Mishima: My Tekken will create the destruction of the Devil and the renewal of the Gods!
Jun Kazama: No one has that kind of right! What would you have done if he'd been killed?
Heihachi Mishima: My son is too strong. And if he had been defeated, I was prepared to give my own life.