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Dr. Graham Lester (Character)
from "Murder One" (1995)

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"Murder One: Chapter Three (#1.3)" (1995)
[Hoffman is angry at Doctor Lester. He thinks the doctor is incompetent]
Theodore Hoffman: My God! The continent tilts and every quack with a diploma rolls out here and gets an ocean view
Dr. Graham Lester: On the off chance that you're myopic, Mr. Hoffman, let me acquaint you with my wall hangings. I am board certified by both the American Colleges of Internal Medicine and of Psychiatry. I am a teaching clinical professor at the University of...
[Hoffman cuts him off mid sentence]
Theodore Hoffman: And I can name five Popes who killed people.

"Murder One: Chapter Seven (#1.7)" (1995)
[Theodore Hoffman is meeting with Dr. Lester; in Lester's office]
Dr. Graham Lester: I resent your suggesting that I would do anything to undermine the well being of one of my patients.
Theodore Hoffman: If you're so anxious to help, why didn't I hear about the call from you a long time ago?
Dr. Graham Lester: Maybe I didn't think it was in Neil's best interests to tell you. Did that ever occur to you counselor?
Theodore Hoffman: Would your definition of Neil's best interests include keeping him out of the gas chamber?

"Murder One: Chapter Four (#1.4)" (1995)
[Hoffman is meeting with Dr. Lester in the lobby. They are talking about Richard Cross]
Dr. Graham Lester: Isn't this conversation better suited to your office?
Theodore Hoffman: What's he got on you?
Dr. Graham Lester: Meeting me out here, talking to me in this tone; you're disrespect for me does not go unnoticed.
Theodore Hoffman: There'd be something wrong with both of us if it did.