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Wonder Woman (2009) (V)
Alexa: There's a quote in which I find the courage to face the unknown. "As a rock on the seashore he standeth firm, and the dashing of the waves disturbeth him not. In the instant..."
Persephone: [stabs Alexa in the back] Yes, I know the quote well. It had aided me much in recent days. Shall I finish it? "In the instant of danger, the courage of his heart sustaineth him and the steadiness of his mind beareth him out."

Hippolyta: You were given a life of peace and beauty!
Persephone: And denied one of families and children. Yes Hippolyta, the Amazons are warriors... but we are women too.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
Hades: [yelling] Persephone! What could possibly be taking so long? Don't ignore me!
Persephone: [yells back] Or what? What will you do?
Persephone: I'm already in Hell.

"The Storyteller: Greek Myths: Orpheus & Eurydice (#1.3)" (1991)
Persephone: Everything must die, Orpheus, the people we love most have to die, even the rocks, the earth itself is eaten away by time. Everything must die, Orpheus.
Orpheus: [stops playing his flute] To live again!