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Quotes for
Kelly (Character)
from Broken Arrow (1996)

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Broken Arrow (1996)
Kelly: [Deakins has just activated the nuke] Shut that sonuvabitch down, now! This ain't what I signed on for. I'm not ready to die, not for you.
Vic Deakins: Everybody dies, Kelly. I'm as good a reason as any.

Kelly: Deak, you da man.

Kelly: [faking moans into the radio] Chief Rhodes is dead! They're all dead!
Colonel Max Wilkins: What the hell happened? What the hell happened?
Kelly: [Deakins rubs his shaver into the microphone] It's the nuke! It's open! It's wide open!
Colonel Max Wilkins: Kelly, come in! What happened?
Kelly: [Deakins rubs his shaver into the microphone again] Oh God...
[fake coughs]
Kelly: What am I gonna do?
[Deakins pulls the plug on Kelly's headphones]

Vic Deakins: I say goddamn what a rush!
[Deakins looks at the wreckage of the chopper]
Vic Deakins: Whoo!
Kelly: Son of a Bitch! Shockwave took down the damn chopper!
Vic Deakins: That's EMP! Electro Magnetic Pulse! Nuclear blast sends it out for miles. Everything electrical *shuts down* including choppers and radios. Hell, we just shut down McMurran's field communications! That oughta put a *pretty little dent* in their response time, huh!
Kelly: Deak, you da man!
Vic Deakins: I'm da man.