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Prophet of Regret (Character)
from Halo 2 (2004) (VG)

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Halo 2 (2004) (VG)
[first lines]
Arbiter: [standing before the heirarchs and the counsel] There was only one ship.
Prophet of Truth: One? Are you sure?
Arbiter: Yes. They called it the "Pillar of Autumn".
Prophet of Mercy: Why was it not destroyed with the rest of their fleet?
Arbiter: It fled as we set fire to their planet. I followed with all the ships in my command.
Prophet of Regret: When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its magesty?
Arbiter: Blinded?
Prophet of Regret: Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?
Arbiter: No!
Prophet of Regret: Yet the humans were able to evade your ships, land on the sacred ring, and descrate it with their filty footsteps!
Arbiter: Noble hierarchs, surely you understand that once the parasite attacked...
[crowd uproars]
Prophet of Mercy: There will be order in this counsel!
Prophet of Truth: [gestures the crowd to be silent] You were right to focus your attention on The Flood, but this Demon? This Master Chief?
Arbiter: By the time I learned of the Demon's intent, there was nothing I could do!
[crowd uproars again]
Prophet of Regret: [whispering] Prophet of Truth, this has gone on long enough! Make an example of this bungler! The Counsel demands it!
Prophet of Truth: [to the Arbiter] You are one of our most treasured instruments. Long have you lead your fleet with honor and distinction. But, your inability to safeguard Halo was a colossal failure.
Counselman: Nay! It was heresy!
[crowd uproars intensely]
Arbiter: I will continue my campaign against the humans!
Prophet of Truth: No, you will not.
[signals the Honor Guards to take him away]
Prophet of Truth: The Great Journey is about to begin. But when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet... and you shall be left behind.

Cortana: [after seeing Gravemind] What... is that?
Gravemind: I... I am a monument to all your sins...
[the Arbiter struggles]
Master Chief: Relax. I'd rather not piss this thing off.
Arbiter: Demon!
Gravemind: This one is machine and nerve and has its mind concluded; this one is but flesh and faith and is the more deluded...
Arbiter: Kill me or release me, parasite. But do not waste my time with talk!
Gravemind: There is much talk... and I have listened through rock and metal and time... Now I shall talk and you shall listen...
2401 Penitent Tangent: Greetings! I am 2401 Penitent Tangent, I am the monitor of installation 05...
Prophet of Regret: And I am the Prophet of Regret, Council of most high hierarch of the Covenant!
2401 Penitent Tangent: [looks at Master Chief] A reclaimer, here? At last! We have much to do! This facility must be activated if we are to control this outbreak!
Prophet of Regret: Stay where you are! Nothing can be done until my sermon is complete!
2401 Penitent Tangent: Not true! This installation has a successful utilization record of 1.2 trillion simulated and 1 actual. It is ready to fire on demand.
Prophet of Regret: Of all the objects that our Lords left behind, there are none so worthless as these Oracles! They know nothing of the Great Journey!
2401 Penitent Tangent: And you know nothing about containment! You have demonstrated complete disregard for even the most basic protocols!
Gravemind: This one's Containment, and this one's Great Journey are the same... Your prophets have promised you freedom from a doomed existence, but you will find no salvation on this ring. Those that built this place knew what they wrought. Do not mistake their intent or all will perish as they did before.
Master Chief: This thing is right; Halo is a weapon. Your prophets are making a big mistake.
Arbiter: Your ignorance already destroyed one of the sacred rings, Demon. It shall not harm another!
Gravemind: If you will not hear the truth, then I will show it to you.
[to the Chief]
Gravemind: You will search one likely spot...
[to the Arbiter]
Gravemind: And you will search another. Fate may have placed us as foes, but this ring will make us brothers.

Cortana: Wait! Stop! That's what I thought he said!
Master Chief: What?
Cortana: That Prophet, he's going to activate Halo!
Master Chief: Are you sure?
Prophet of Regret: [Cortana playing back the Prophet's comments] I shall light this holy ring, release it's cleansing flame, and burn a path into the divine beyond!
Cortana: Pretty much.