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Richard 'Dickie' McDonald (Character)
from "Commander in Chief" (2005)

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"Commander in Chief: The Mom Who Came to Dinner (#1.9)" (2005)
Kelly Ludlow: Since you got here, all I'm getting is speculation on: Is she running, and when is she announcing.
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald: [Smiling proudly] I like that.
Kelly Ludlow: I'm sure that you do, but there's only so much I can vamp from the podium.
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald: Your vamping polls higher than you think.
Kelly Ludlow: Ah, you polled my vamping?
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald: I poll everything.

"Commander in Chief: Wind Beneath My Wing (#1.12)" (2006)
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald: [On Air Force One while it's being held hostage, talking on his cell phone with Kelly] I'm telling you, Kelly, you know more than I do.
Kelly Ludlow: There aren't a whole lot of details. Aren't you getting anything from the Secret Service?
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald: I don't think the agents like me very much.
Kelly Ludlow: [sarcastically] That's hard to believe.
Richard 'Dickie' McDonald: You're actually enjoying the fact that I may get blown up.
Kelly Ludlow: Our, "cares about pollster" numbers may take a short term hit, but...