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Roddie MacStew (Character)
from "Freakazoid!" (1995)

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"Freakazoid!: The Wrath of Guitierrez (#1.13)" (1996)
Roddy MacStew: Ever since Guitierrez entered the net, he's been busy setting up some deranged trap for you. When I tried to see what it was, he found me and kicked me out. He's amazingly powerful.
Freakazoid: If it's a trap, why do you want me to go in?
Roddy MacStew: You don't have a choice, lad. The reason you're so weak is Guitierrez sabotaged that energy field that powers you here on the outside. If you didn't go in, another hour or so, you'd be no better then a dried up piece of fleshy haggis! Ooh, he's figured it all out! He's baiting you, lad. He's made sure you have no choice but to go in after him. He means to destroy ye.
Freakazoid: Boy, you've got a lot of lines in this show.
Roddy MacStew: Aye! That's what I told them! But no! All the cruddy exposition goes to me! I've got to talk and talk, and fiddle with the computer and talk so more, and fiddle and talk! I feel like Obi-Wan Cruddy Kenobi!
Freakazoid: Roddy... settle.
Roddy MacStew: Alright, we're ready.
Freakazoid: Aren't you coming?
Roddy MacStew: Nay, Guitierrez has locked me out. He wants you... alone. There! That's the last of the cruddy exposition, thank you very much!

Freakazoid: I tried looking for Guitierrez, but he was gone. So i fixed my power supply and made sure Roddy wasn't locked out anymore.
Roddy MacStew: Good job, lad.
Sgt. Mike Cosgrove: Pretty interesting story, Freakazoid. But there's something I don't get.
Freakazoid: What's that, Cosgrove?
Sgt. Mike Cosgrove: In that movie "Congo", how do you tell the difference between the real monkey and the guy in a monkey suit?

"Freakazoid!: The Chip: Part 2/Freakazoid Is History (#1.7)" (1995)
Armondo Guitierrez: If news of the flaw got out, my company would be ruined.
Roddy MacStew: At least, let the lad go.
Armondo Guitierrez: No, I cannot.
Roddy MacStew: Why?
Armondo Guitierrez: Because he tasks me. He tasks me. Round the moons of Snibya, I chuckle at thee. Beyond the Corpian clouds, I chuckle more at thee. Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins. Kirk, old friend, I... Oh, sorry.

Roddy MacStew: At least, let the boy go!
Armondo Guitierrez: No.
Roddy MacStew: Why not?
Armondo Guitierrez: Because he tasks me! He *tasks* me! Around the moons of Vega, I chuckle at thee. Around the suns of Andromeda, I chuckle more at thee. Revenge is a dish best served with pinto beans and muffins! Kirk, oh, friend, I... Oh!
[fixes tie]
Armondo Guitierrez: I'm sorry...

"Freakazoid!: The Chip: Part 1 (#1.6)" (1995)
[Scene starts with Roddy and Dexter tied-up in Guitierrez' office]
Roddy MacStew: You'll never get away with it Guitierrez!
Guitierrez: Get away with what? I haven't said anything yet.
Roddy MacStew: You're right. Sorry! I jumped the gun. My fault.
Guitierrez: I plan on eliminating both of you.
Roddy MacStew: You'll never get away with it Guitierrez!