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Shakaar (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shakaar (#3.24)" (1995)
Shakaar: You cut your hair.
Major Kira: You let yours grow.

Major Kira: Shakaar, you have to be flexible. I'm not sure this is a fight you can win.
Shakaar: That's what the Cardassians used to say.

Shakaar: This isn't your fight, Nerys. Go home.
Major Kira: I am home, Shakaar. And I have been lied to by Kai Winn for the last time. She wants a fight, I'll give her one.

Furel: The civil police have issued a province-wide alert for you and Kira. They've also requested that the surrounding towns send more troops and equipment, to help in the search for the fugitive.
Shakaar: Now there's a familiar word. Haven't been called that in a while. Kinda missed it.

Furel: Just like old times.
Shakaar: That's the general idea.

Lupaza: It's just like in the old days. Every once in a while the Cardassians would get too close, and we'd turn around and give 'em a bloody nose.
Shakaar: Sometimes it was our nose that got bloodied.

Shakaar: I didn't fight the Cardassians for 25 years just so I can start shooting other Bajorans.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Begotten (#5.12)" (1997)
[Shakaar visits Kira while O'Brien is giving her a leg massage]
Shakaar: Chief, would you mind leaving us alone for a minute?
Chief O'Brien: I'm almost done.
Shakaar: I'll take over.
[he starts working on Kira's other leg]
Major Kira: I think it's time...
Chief O'Brien: You got to do it harder.
Shakaar: I know what I'm doing.
Major Kira: [in happy anticipation] It's time!
Chief O'Brien: And you got to work *up* the legs.
Major Kira: [emphatic] It's time!

Shakaar: [to O'Brien] Do me a favor. Next time you have a baby, leave my girlfriend out of it, huh?

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossfire (#4.12)" (1996)
Shakaar: I want to stop by the Promenade and visit the temple first.
Odo: Why wasn't I told about this?
Sarish: I didn't know myself until a moment ago.
Shakaar: Is there a problem?
Odo: I would have posted extra Security on the Promenade.
Shakaar: Oh, well, we'll just... slip in, I'll stay for a few minutes and then... we'll slip out.
Odo: [sighs] With all due respect, sir, now that you're First Minister, you can't slip in or out of *bed* without people noticing.
Shakaar: [laughs] Maybe not. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna stay in bed all day.

Shakaar: You know, I've been a soldier, and I've been a politician. And I have to say, I'm beginning to think that being a soldier was easier.