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Quotes for
Spence Kovak (Character)
from "Ellen" (1994)

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"Ellen: The Puppy Episode: Part 2 (#4.23)" (1997)
Paige: I still can't believe that Ellen is gay.
Spence: Well, I always thought for a while she might be. I mean she could always run faster than I could, throw a ball farther, climb a tree faster...
Joe Farrell: Did you ever think maybe YOU were gay?

"Ellen: Guys or Dolls (#5.1)" (1997)
[after catching Ellen making out with her former beau Dan]
Spence Kovak: What the hell kind of lesbian are you?

"Ellen: Shake, Rattle and Rubble (#3.1)" (1995)
Paige: What are you doing in here?
Spence: I'm playing "Crimson Tide" and I'm waiting for Denzel Washington to punch me in the face. I'm taking a bath, what does it look like I'm doing?

"Ellen: Salad Days (#3.8)" (1995)
[Spence's girlfriend, Denise, arrives in weired multi-colored facial makeup]
Alien Denise: Hi, Spence. I am I late?
Spence Kovak: Denise?
Alien Denise: Oh, I just came from the set. They're shooting a Babylon 5 episode and I have to go back later for some pick-up shots.
Paige Clark: [whispering to Spence] Couldn't find anybody in this galaxy, huh?
Spence Kovak: [whispering back; embarrassed] Shut up.

"Ellen: Ellen Unplugged (#4.16)" (1997)
Spence Kovak: Ellen, this is rock and roll camp fantasy camp. You can be anyone you want to be here. Melissa Ethridge, k.d. lang, the Indigo Girls, Tina Turner.
Ellen Morgan: Tina Turner? You mean...
Spence Kovak: Oh, yeah.
Ellen Morgan: All right!