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Quotes for
Roger 'Raj' Thomas (Character)
from "What's Happening!!" (1976)

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"What's Happening!!: Saturday's Hero (#1.5)" (1976)
Roger Thomas: [Raj and Dwayne draw football plays to help Rerun and Dee draws a big 'O' on the easel] Dee, what is that?
Dee Thomas: You forgot Rerun.

Dee Thomas: [Raj and Dwayne are writing down football play to teach to Rerun] What's this 'OX OX OX'?
Roger Thomas: It's not 'OX OX OX', this is the diaphram of a football play. We're trying to help Rerun understand them.
Dee Thomas: Then you made a mistake.
[Takes marker and draws a huge 'O']
Roger Thomas: Dee, what is that?
Dee Thomas: You forgot Rerun.

"What's Happening!!: The Runaway (#1.1)" (1976)
Girl: [slow dancing with Raj] Quit blowing in my ear!
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: I'm not blowing in your ear.
Girl: Oh, could that be your "Brave Bull" cologne?
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: Ahh, you recognized it!
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: I have a nose for bull...

Mama: Roger... Give me your belt.
Roger Thomas: These are my new pants, Mama. I'm not wearing one.
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Here Mrs. Thomas, you can use mine.
Mama: Good lord, Rerun... I want to whip him, not HANG him!
[everybody laughs except Raj]

"What's Happening!!: The Birthday Present (#1.2)" (1976)
Dee Thomas: Ooh, you're gonna get it!
Roger Thomas: Shut your face!
Mama: Don't you talk to your sister like that!
Dee Thomas: Yeah, don't you talk to your sister like that!
Mama: Shut your face!

"What's Happening!!: From Here to Maternity (#1.21)" (1977)
Roger Thomas: Mama home?
Dee Thomas: [On phone] My brother just got home, Robyn.
[Puts down phone]
Dee Thomas: What is the matter with you? You don't just walk and scream "Is Mama Home?". Look, when you enter a house, and you see someone on the phone, you don't just scream "Is Mama home?" You WAIT until the person gets off the phone and you politely ask if Mama's home.
[back on phone]
Dee Thomas: Sorry Robyn, I had to teach my brother some new manners.

"What's Happening!!: Doobie or Not Doobie: Part 1 (#2.16)" (1978)
[after Raj, Dwayne, Rerun, and Dee learn about bootlegging, Rerun opts out on recording the Doobie Brothers concert, but Al Dunbar refuses when Rerun tells the gang after he wasn't supposed to. Al, his goon Bruno, and the gang are at Rob's Place]
Al Dunbar: [angry to Rerun] Uh-uh, uh-uh. Now look, there ain't no way that you are gonna back out of this, "Fathead"!
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: [In a man's voice] Now LISTEN! I will blow the whistle on this whole operation. I am with the press.
Al Dunbar: Oh, yeah? What paper?
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: [under his breath] The Jefferson High Gazette.
Al Dunbar: The who?
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: [normal voice; nervous] The Jefferson High School Gazette.
Al Dunbar: Boy, you better sit down and pay attention.
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: Yes, sir.
Al Dunbar: Now look, since your "friend" opened up his big mouth, you are all, all of you, in this together.
Dwayne Nelson: [defiant] UH-UH!
Bruno: What did you say?
Dwayne Nelson: [relents himself] Uh-huh.
Al Dunbar: [to Dwayne] Now, uh, first, now you, you turn the, uh, recorder on and off, right?
[then to Raj]
Al Dunbar: And you...
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: Uh, Mr. Dunbar, we really can't do this.
Al Dunbar: [frustrated] Okay, kids, if you really can't do it, it's... it's fine with me. But see, you're gonna have to tell brother Bruno here he's not gonna get paid.
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: Um, brother Bruno, would you please pull up a chair so I can talk to you?
Bruno: Sure.
[Bruno rips out a "greasy spoon" from the counter, convincing the three to "bootleg" the concert]
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: You said I push this for "Record", right?
Al Dunbar: Yeah, that's right.

"What's Happening!!: Rerun Sees the Light (#2.18)" (1978)
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Ralph is not a man. Ralph is a head of lettuce.
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: You worship a head of lettuce?

"What's Happening!!: Doobie or Not Doobie: Part 2 (#2.17)" (1978)
[cont. from the first quote]
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: I didn't think so, either. Look, we really were forced. They said if we didn't do it, they'd hurt us.
Bobby La Kind: Hey, you expect us to believe that?
Dee Thomas: Look, he may be dumb, but he doesn't lie.
Keith Knudsen: What his name, Al Dunbar by any chance?
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: Yeah. How do you know?
Jeffrey Baxter: He was the lowlife that recorded our concert in St. Louis.
Tiran Porter: Yeah, and our L.A. concert.
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: And moving up on the charts is the Jefferson High concert, number 40 with three bullets.

"What's Happening!!: My Three Tons (#1.4)" (1976)
Roger Thomas: You know, Rerun, if I were Gladys Knight, I'd fire those three guys and hire you as one huge pip.
Roger Thomas: [Mama comes in]
Dee Thomas: Yeah, and you can record for Multown Records.
Mama: There'll be no more fat jokes in this house!
Dee Thomas: Yeah, I'm getting sick of them!
Roger Thomas: Be quiet, Dee!
Dee Thomas: Did you hear what he said, Mama?
Mama: Yes, I heard.
Dee Thomas: Good.
Mama: And I agree with it.
Dee Thomas: Me too. See ya!
[goes upstairs]