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Quotes for
Tom (Character)
from Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

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Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)
Tom: Whose side are we on?
Shazzer: Mark's, of course. He never dumped Bridget for some naked American.
Bridget: But he did shag Daniel's fiancée and left him broken-hearted.
Tom: You're right, it's a tough one to call.

Jude: Just as you are? Not thinner? Not cleverer? Not with slightly bigger breasts or slightly smaller nose?
Bridget: No.
Shazzer: Well, fuck me.
Tom: This is someone you hate right?
Bridget: Yes, yes, I hate him.

[bursting into a Greek restaurant]
Tom: FIGHT. Come on then, it's a real fight.

Tom: Come the fuck on, Bridget.

Tom: Well done Bridge, four hours of careful cooking and a feast of blue soup, omelette and marmalade. I think that deserves a toast, don't you? To Bridget, who cannot cook, but who we love
[in an undertone]
Tom: just as she is.
Tom, Shazzer, Jude: To Bridget, just as she is.

Bridget: [fight enters Greek restaurant] No, no, no, no, no, no!
Tom: Oh, yes!