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Quotes for
Caleb Sinclaire (Character)
from The Vicious Kind (2009)

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The Vicious Kind (2009)
[first lines]
Caleb Sinclaire: You know they're all whores, right? All of 'em. I'm not just talking about the little skanks that hang out around your dorm, or frat, or whatever. But actually every woman you've ever known, and every woman you'll ever meet - Mom, Grandma, Aunt Ellen. The fact that they're related to us doesn't make any difference. Cause at the end of the day, given the right set of events, they *will* fuck you over. For the sole reason that they have a vagina, and they can.

Caleb Sinclaire: [wryly] Do you ever just think about the shit you say, and think uh, well I should definitely kill myself. Do you ever think that?

Rocky: What are you doing tomorrow night?
Caleb Sinclaire: I don't know Rock, and you asking me out on a date?
Rocky: It's Thanksgiving, you dumb shit. What are you doing?
Caleb Sinclaire: Oh. Nothing, I don't celebrate the fact that my ancestors exterminated a race of people.

Caleb Sinclaire: Say there's someone in your life, and you know you can't be in love with them, you don't really know them... Maybe you know that you're not really right for them... You *know* that whatever it is your feeling is really just an attraction towards an image of that person you've create in your mind?
Samantha: I don't know.
Caleb Sinclaire: Oh, of course I sorry, you were probably molested as a child. Were you, uh molested as a child?

[last lines]
Donald Sinclaire: You wanna come in?
Caleb Sinclaire: Yeah, sure.