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Martina Sanders (Character)
from Strangler of the Swamp (1946)

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Strangler of the Swamp (1946)
Martina Sanders: The noose!
Christian Sanders: Oh quiet, quiet, I say. Can't you see there, you fools, there are only a few vines and roots around his neck? Nothing else.
Martina Sanders: It's a perfect noose for anyone who can see. It's the strangler again!

Martina Sanders: The strangler got him.
Joseph Hart: Hah! You'd believe in anything, wouldn't you? Why doesn't he visit me? I live closest to his grave.
Dark-haired Woman: He will! You, too, are a marked man.
Joseph Hart: I'd like to see that old drunken card sharp again.
Dark-haired Woman: He was all that, yes, and a no-good. But was he a murderer?

Martina Sanders: And you got what you always wanted, didn't you, Joseph - his ferry?
Joseph Hart: What do you mean?
Martina Sanders: Nothing... nothing.

Martina Sanders: [narrating] That evil noose was made when they found farmer Berkeley murdered in his field. They accused ferryman Douglas of the crime and hanged him. He swore that he was innocent, but that didn't stop them. It was then he spoke his curse.

Martina Sanders: Joseph, why have you let that rope hang all these years?
Joseph Hart: It serves as a warning.
Martina Sanders: As a warning? To whom?

[discussing the noose that hung Douglas many years ago]
Martina Sanders: Joseph, we're going to take that down.
Joseph Hart: No! It stays there. Since that's been there, there hasn't been any more trouble.
Martina Sanders: There's been more trouble than ever since it hangs there! Have you forgotten Bill Jenkins who was thrown from his horse and was choked by the reins?
Anna Jeffers: And Shelton, strangled by the pulley rope as he fell from his hayloft?
Dark-haired Woman: And Henry Craig, throttled by his fishnet?
Martina Sanders: And tonight his son, Bill, choked to death by the weeds.
Joseph Hart: What's Bill Craig got to do with it? He wasn't even at the hanging?
Martina Sanders: Have you forgotten Douglas' vow that he'll return to strangle all the hangmen and their descendants for generations to come?

Maria Hart: I'm not afraid.
Martina Sanders: No, young people never are - but I'm afraid!

Maria Hart: I don't believe in the supernatural.
Martina Sanders: Oh, but the danger is real!